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Youtube: Let the Games Begin

Nikhil Chandhok writes,

"Back in March, we launched the new YouTube APIs and Tools, with the goal of making YouTube an open video services platform and available for use by any website, desktop application, or consumer device. Today, we are announcing a new partnership that takes advantage of the YouTube APIs in a new and interesting way.

We are happy to announce that PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3TM) has integrated the YouTube APIs to allow game developers to create games that enable direct upload of in-game video captures to YouTube. This YouTube upload functionality can be incorporated not only into new PS3 game titles, but also existing PS3 titles that have the ability to receive network updates." (PS3)

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Condoleezza Rice  +   2625d ago
This new partnership
Could be one of the reasons why PsHome was delayed,I'm pretty sure a major part of this feature will be integrated in Home
fork_the_lad  +   2625d ago
You could be right

and who is that person on your avatar
eagle21  +   2625d ago
@condie.... nice perspective...
You may be right. This is great news! :)
BattleAxe  +   2625d ago
This is an awesome feature.
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Condoleezza Rice  +   2625d ago
It is I,Solid Rice.
LJWooly  +   2625d ago
It's Condoleeza Rice, coolguy. She's been... solidified.
gambare  +   2625d ago
Could be one of the reasons why PsHome was delayed
that has some pretty strong logic, and it's not the only reason but all of them are really good ones, now I can't wait for home to be released.
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INehalemEXI  +   2625d ago
Yup, we will likely be able to watch replays or tournament footage of MP games in Home Lobby's or appartments With this. I wonder if streaming will ever happen so we could watch Tournaments while in progress too.

Great news, I remember hearing about a recording feature was hopeing it was not just rumor.
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Dmack79  +   2625d ago
The Future
This is the type of stuff that will make the PS3 last for many years to come. :) So happy to be a PS3 owner!
eagle21  +   2625d ago
I'm so happy I'm doing the MC HAMMER! :)
to the 360 : "you can't touch this!!" doon doon doon do doont...
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Kain81  +   2625d ago
@my Friend above me^^
Bubbles for you lol
Shaka2K6  +   2625d ago
This is why i love Sony and the PS brand.
The only company that thinks outside the box and innovatives like.no.other.
Cop_Boy  +   2625d ago
awesome sh!t man
cant wait to upload ma crazy game vids ,,, its gonna be freakin cool ,,, now when does this thing hits up ?? lol
PimpHandHappy  +   2625d ago
could be very cool
im looking 4ward to see how ppl use it

i might even get into it when Socom drops....

i think it can really make LBP the biggest thing ever

and yea if it works with HOME it can make HOME a fun place to hang out
Boldy  +   2625d ago
This is a very interesting addition. I wonder if you are viewing youtube on your PS3 it will have a seperate section reserved just for Playstation 3 videos to help sort it out.
dauden  +   2625d ago
You can be absolutely certain that this feature will have it's own section on youtube. Kudos to Sony for thinking of this, and I believe this will be big!
Kain81  +   2625d ago
Oh man this feature is Mega -Awesome
i hope many games will have this feature
Boldy  +   2625d ago
Well according to that last alternative source I put up, the first game that will use it will be Mainichi Issho.
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Mr_Kuwabara  +   2625d ago
Yeah, it already does. You can check a couple of tested videos. The quality is way better since it was a direct feed video straight from the hard disc, not some wannabe camera guy shaking the damn camera while playing the game.
name  +   2625d ago
Come on socom/mgs4...add this now.
Ri0tSquad  +   2625d ago
This is huge
And it's possible for old games to receive an update to add this. I'm more then sure that any game released before firmware 2.30 can use this feature. 2.30 give back developers memory for games.

Sony isn't lying. The PS3 really IS future proof.
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Lew_Ijgee  +   2625d ago
This could transmute SingStar into Gold.
Foliage  +   2625d ago
Other music games will also benefit from this, Rock Band/GH for example.

Singstar will be great though, I can remember some incredibly funny matches that were just made for youtube.
supahbad  +   2625d ago
im glad SONY promised something and followed through relatively fast. no more of that SONY wont deliver crap. (hopefully)
Bigrhyno  +   2625d ago
I hope they add this to hot shots golf. I have been wanting to upload some of my sick shots, but I don't have a capture card :(.
Foliage  +   2625d ago
This would be awesome for a game like Little Big Planet, or GTA 4. Heck even GOW3 or GT.
jamesrocks3147  +   2625d ago
AGREED Foliage
this will be amazzin for GTA 4 and racing games and new games like killzone and resistance and of course COD4, online mulitplayer games good for glitches and stuff to thats well ace like GTA 4 show how good you can do stuff or secret things in better/good quality str8 onto your hard drive on your ps3 or uploaded to youtube!!!!
Diabloz  +   2625d ago
YAY! Cant wait to upload crazy pwnage vids :D
Somnus  +   2625d ago
This has been executed perfectly. Sony setting up their own service would have been stupid. Allowing the industry expert to do it was a great decision.
Rockwallaby  +   2625d ago
yeah, I wish they had gone to mozilla for the browser
clintos59  +   2625d ago
Oh man this is going to be sick as f**k...
I cant wait to do this with all my games and show people just how good I am at games owning u fools online, lol. Get ready to get tea bagged my fellow ps3 friends, lol. This is going to be soo sick. :)
pwnsause  +   2625d ago
im pretty sure that Resistance 2 might incorporate this
ps3FTW  +   2625d ago
Wow that's is awesome.I hope it's soon.
zapass  +   2625d ago
cool sh!t
Skerj  +   2625d ago
I want some fighting game implementation man, think of how easy it would be to record and export for combo showcases and match replays? Capcom, redeem yourself and port Tatsunoko vs Capcom to PS3 with this functionality.
Ri0tSquad  +   2625d ago
I could definitely see
Tekken 6 using this feature.
gambare  +   2625d ago
"This YouTube upload functionality can be incorporated not only into new PS3 game titles, but also existing PS3 titles that have the ability to receive network updates"

WOW! that means when LBP is launched we can upload ingame youtube videos. even better, we can show the frags in the 30vs30 battlefield of R2 and even more.
timestoby  +   2625d ago
sounds like a good idea.god,i can see it now.youtube flooded with useless in game videos lol
Rockwallaby  +   2625d ago
At least it will put a stop to the dodgy shaky cam crap we see now
ice_prophecy  +   2625d ago
I have to agree with you rockwallaby
Says you  +   2625d ago
Hhmmm the other system cant do this
Putting its games direct at youtube.
heyheyhey  +   2625d ago

now i can spam Youtube with videos of me jumping out of helicopters at 30,000 feet in GTA4 :)
Jim Crowslaw  +   2625d ago
i wholeheartedly agree wit u. i really hope theres a filter system
lil Titan  +   2625d ago
can you say
Clinton514  +   2625d ago
Can't wait to see more support of this feature
Now that's progressive to this generation. Sony could have easily done this with their own video sharing services but did the right thing by partnering with the most popular out there.
Alcohog  +   2625d ago
Thats so sweet that it can be added to existing games via patch!
Percy  +   2625d ago
If you are real quite you can hear die hard xbox fans crying every where.
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