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The Witcher 3 to have 12,000 animations

GR-UK writes: During a recent Q&A, CD Projekt Red's lead engine programmer, Balázs Török, explained just how many animations there are going to be in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

raresteak  +   159d ago
mdluffy  +   159d ago
What kind of animations? like 8000 of them are handshakes ^^
BattleN  +   159d ago
This game looks epic! What type of genre is this akin to GTA or Skyrim? Or is it both combined. I've always been confused as to how huge the game is.
CJDUNCAN  +   159d ago
It's more Skyrim than anything. Combat is about strategy, ability upgrages, etc. The witcher is a great Action / RPG game.

Do yourself a favor and pickup The Witcher 2, you won't be disappointed.
hellzsupernova  +   159d ago
Question. Do I need to play the first two?
pandehz  +   159d ago
I dont think so but if you did you would be way more excited than you are right now.

Actually tbh you do need to play the first two or atleast watch the story.
hellzsupernova  +   159d ago
To be honest I'm not and that's only cause I do not know what to expect. Once my pc parts arrive I will buy the first two and check them out. Do not get me wrong the witcher 3 looks awesome but I have no context

Thanks for the help plus bubble
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   159d ago
I don't understand the praise for witcher 2 :s I just beat it and I kinda felt like the game was short and I did all the side missions, not to mention for a monster hunter didn't see many monsters. Mostly fought people maybe if I play the loraveth path I'll see more monsters ? That being said witcher 3 has me stoked glad to get out of the politics and back to the monsters.

I might take a gander at witcher 1( have the enhanced edition on steam) can anybody tell me if there's lots of monsters in that one and less politics ?
thezeldadoth  +   159d ago
at least the 2nd one, that one leads into this one. The first one is awesome if you give it a chance and really fleshes out the characters and world but you could skip it and watch the 5 minute recap CD Projekt Red put out. If you really want to enjoy the world because its awesome, you could also read the novels that came out before the games that take place before the video game series
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hellzsupernova  +   159d ago
Thanks plus bubble
Stapleface  +   159d ago
I couldn't get into The Witcher 2. It's a beautiful game, the mechanics are great. Can't really say anything bad about it, other than your limited on where to go, I just like open worlds anymore I guess. Now The Witcher 3 fixes what I think was needed in the previous titles, and I think I'll have no problem getting pulled into that huge open world. The characters in 2 didn't exactly draw me in either as the voice acting isn't that great imo. I know I'm very excited for the game regardless of not getting into the previous ones, because I saw so much potential there. Maybe I'll have to give TW2 another go. I think I waited too long though, it definitely feels dated other than the visuals are still on par with a lot of current stuff. Ultra w/Ubersampling, I liked to lock at 60fps, it's beautiful.
FalloutWanderer2077  +   159d ago
I would highly recommend both games.They are awesome IMO.

To answer your question about Witcher 1 -

The first game is more about the introduction to the world,characters and story. It is a lot more monster focused,as it should be, since witchers are monster hunting badasses! it is their profession,their life.

If you are a graphics whore and/or have issues with older/less refined games, you might not be able to fully enjoy the first game. Although if you are patient and persevere, their is a wonderful game to be experienced in the first Witcher.

I am a fan of high fidelity graphics ( but far from a snob or narrow minded) and in my personal opinion, I thought the first game looked great.

Just keep in mind, it is more about the art style,not technical realism,when it comes to the visuals. It has some of the most beautiful music of any RPG or game that I've ever heard.

Their are 3 different paths you can ultimately take, Without spoiling anything of the great story, I will just say you have the choice to side with 3 different groups,leading to different situations,dialogue etc.

Speaking of choices, if there were only one gameplay feature or particular aspect to the Witcher series that I'd like to express, it would be the 'choice and consequence' Many of the decisions you will have to make are morally ambiguous. The thing to remember is that your choices can have far reaching impact and their is always going to be consequences,some minor,some major.

In my opinion this aspect of the witcher series is one of it's staples and it makes it unique compared to many rpg games. Put it this way, in the witcher 2,one decision you make in act 1,will change the area,characters,quests of act 2 entirely.
Oago  +   159d ago
12,000 isn't that many...
FalloutWanderer2077  +   159d ago
Well, the article says watch dogs has 13,000 animations, seems like a pretty good bit if you ask me.
Farsendor1  +   159d ago
didnt like witcher 2 the story didnt really grab me. has amazing combat ill give it that and ill still be looking to play witcher 3.

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