Seven boss battles that should be impossible

Thought Dark Souls was hard? Try and emulate these pointless feats.

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Lord_Sloth1334d ago

Emerald Weapon has some exploits floating about and with the right Materia he's a complete joke.

No incarnation of Bowser has ever been too much trouble but that player did have some mad skills.

Ornstein and Smough are pretty predictable as with most Souls bosses.

Never fought the others so can't comment.

1334d ago
Pug1333d ago

I found Ruby Weapon to be much harder. Either way all the weapon bosses in FFVII are kind of iconic for me and they've never reproduced anything close to that since. 15 years or so on I can still remember clearly the moment I beat those guys, pure magic.

Such a pity Square have destroyed FF over the past few years.

Jyndal1334d ago

The boss of Phantasy Star 2 was a fight. Took me days of trying different approaches before I finally declared victory.

DJ1334d ago

You know what was hard to beat? Spyro 2. And not the main boss either. The part with those dinosaur eggs that you had to flame in under 8 seconds.

LightningMokey1333d ago

Raven King in Heavenly Sword... *shivers*

Farsendor11333d ago

had no ideal ff bosses take so long to beat, ff7 never found that optional boss and never played the other ff game it mentions

i have only played and completed 3 ff game stories