Is Nabbit Being Greedy? Mario Golf DLC & Season Pass Discussion (3DS)

GameXplain: "Nintendo announced that there would be DLC for Mario Golf: World Tour. Not only that, but players could get the DLC as part of a season pass. So we discuss whether this content is worth the money and what these policies could mean for future Nintendo games."

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Killzoner991334d ago

Nintendo has to push the DLC because they're going bankrupt.

RosweeSon1334d ago

Somebody missed the original Wii bandwagon then, that and the fact 3DS is printing money these days good luck with that one ;)

randomass1711334d ago

How can Nintendo be going bankrupt with billions in their bank account?

3-4-51334d ago

No they aren't, don't spew false BS.

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RosweeSon1334d ago

As for the DLC tho balls to that, I'll check out the main game see what it has to offer and if I still want more after I'll consider it but just more characters and courses that should have been in the game think I'll be waiting this one out rather than getting season pass day 1.

randomass1711334d ago

It's not day one from what I understand. Nintendo's policy normally involves finishing their game and then focusin on DLC. The Season pass is there so you can save a few dollars on what I think is around 100 extra golf holes. That's a steal given most map packs are more expensive for only around five maps.

Arkamenitas1334d ago

I think it's important to consider that the base packaged game is already of comparable size to other mario golf games - this is why, imo, that the dlc is just fine. It's not as if they are doing what many other companies do, releasing half a game for full price and then charging you more for the rest of it