Project CARS - New Screenshots Focus On The Game's Environments

Slightly Mad Studios has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming racer, Project CARS, dedicated to Earth Day 2014.

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MadSientist891306d ago

will this game ever come out?.. this game makes me feel old cause I first seen it when I was a teen..

UnceasingElias1306d ago

It is comfirmed for November 2014. Still late though :(

randomass1711306d ago

Better than never! This could be yet another anticipated game in development hell.

SniperControl1306d ago

Shame, you guys missed out on the beta, you can really feel and see the game growing.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1306d ago

Speaking of consoles only will this game look better on PS4 than Driveclub? Just curious.

mcstorm1306d ago

I would of thought this game would look better than driverclub but you never know.

hay1306d ago

It should look the same on PS4 as on PC with max settings @1080p.

Farsendor11306d ago

does anyone know if it plays good? the game looks really good but gameplay also needs to be factor.

im not saying its gameplay is bad because i have no ideal. if anyone has gotten to play it can you share your thoughts?

SniperControl1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I am part of the beta, the game so far is fantastic, i would recommend using a wheel though to get full enjoyment from it.

Car, weather and tyre physics seem spot on, the A.I could do with some tweaking but Slightly Mad have said they are working on that.

Graphics are stunning, the best i have seen so far for any racing game.

Looking forward to the VR support as well.

I would say it has both sim and arcade factors, but veers heavily towards sim, still thoroughly enjoyable.

randomass1711306d ago

I guess that means VR wasn't included as part of the beta testing? That's one part of the game I'm most interested in.

ChickeyCantor1306d ago

Vapourware doesn't get this much media. Not after so many years.

randomass1711306d ago

Well than I guess Driveclub and Need For Speed are vaporware as well. /s