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Boot Hill Heroes Hands-on Impressions From PAX East | Entertainment Buddha

Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "PAX East 2014 featured a boatload of fun and exciting indie games to play and developers to meet. One developer that stood out from the pack is Dave Welch of Experimental Gamer thanks to his highly addictive and charming Boot Hill Heroes RPG for PlayStation Mobile and PC. We were fortunate enough to get some hands-on time with this Spaghetti Western inspired Wild West RPG while at the show, and got to check out the second entry in the franchise’s planned trilogy. After spending close to 30-minutes playing a few missions with the game’s creator, it’s clear that Boot Hill Heroes is a special indie title that deserves the attention of retro RPG fans across the globe." (Boot Hill Heroes, PC, PS Vita, PSP)

finito82  +   658d ago
pax is alright but E3 is where its at!

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