Collector’s Editions: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

From the feature article:

"First off, for those that don’t know I’m an absolute hoarder of Collector’s Editions of video games. Limited, collector’s, special, if there’s an edition outside of standard, there’s a high chance that I own it. Some of the pieces I’ve owned include a DJ Hero 2 Tiesto bundle where the turntable was signed by Tiesto himself and packed with a bunch of memorabilia and is one of the most limited edition games I’ve ever owned with only a very few produced. I have even had to go the uber expensive import route on some due to the fact that some of the editions that are offered internationally are far better than what we get here in the United States. This got me thinking."

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UltimaEnder1280d ago

I'm a sucker for Collector's Editions... sad but true!

LaurenKB1231280d ago

I LOVE collectors editions!

Farsendor11280d ago

publishers shouldnt stop releasing their ce or le through gamestop.

a trend i greatly dislike is buying those on publisher sites. had an awful experience with square enix store and wolfenstein ce doesn't come with the game.

a ce or le that comes with a steel case is usually an automatic pre order from me. i really like steel cases.

UltimaEnder1280d ago

Agreed, that experience is never a good one and sometimes it's the only way to purchase a CE...

NovusTerminus1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Yeah, SE sucks. I missed the Drakengard 3 CE because their site wouldn't take my card, so I got the base game at Amazon in one shot.

GrandpaSnake1280d ago

i have really always purchased limited and collectors editions to some of my favorite games. the worst mistake i ever did was spending 150 dollars on skyrim for ps3, wich is pretty much when bethesda bashed the ps3 with a crappy port and glitchy game making the game not so fvorable and making the value drop. i remember feeling like shit when i saw it for under 80$ at local gamestores because they lost value, i ended up selling it for 40$ after i beat the dlc and main game with nearly 100% trophies, was a sad day indeed

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