GTA 5 Online Infinite Money Exploit Forces Rockstar To Disable Creator

If you're having trouble accessing the GTA Online Content Creator, you're not alone. Rockstar has deactivated the feature in order to stop a game-breaking bug.

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Septic1459d ago

Hehe Rockstar. Don't hate the playas, hate the game.

moujahed1459d ago

So I take it these heist are never coming

Evildoomnerd1459d ago

I think they're holding off on adding heist for as long as possible in an effort to nudge gamers towards buying Shark Cards. Car mods, Tanks, Attack choppers don't come cheap in GTA online, that's for sure!

randomass1711459d ago

Or they're just not ready. Seriously, how many more times can Rockstar launch things with GTA Online and have them behave in a screwy manner? Don't they playtest anything over there?

infamous-butcher1459d ago

why should they spend money play testing when we can do it for them for free. /s

linkenski1459d ago

GTA: Online is such a disappointment. It was the reason I bought GTA V but it's almost less fun than online in GTA IV was, and now this...

randomass1711459d ago

I was fortunate to play it only after they fixed how broken it was for the initial two weeks. They really jerked consumers around with that one. Glad the updates are free, or it really wouldn't be worth waiting.

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