Battlefield 4 LMG M249 - Support Class Review and Tips.

Review of and Tips on using the M249 which is perhaps the best LMG in Battlefield 4 as well as Support Class Tips.

Footage from Operation Metro in Capture The Flag Mode.

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DialgaMarine1462d ago

God, the M249... What a garbage ass weapon system... Besides the fact that it's both belt and magazine fed, the M27 is better than it in every way and does a great job replacing it as the SAW..

KingDon1462d ago

Not a completely garbage weapon. One from our group uses it to great effect as shown in the video. I also hated it.

csreynolds1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Statistically, the M249 and MG4 are near identical, differing only in recoil pattern. Personally, I find the MG4 far more versatile, and it can be put to devastating use with a bipod deployed.

Gozer1461d ago

I like he LSAT personally.