Cel Damage HD PlayStation Preview

Finish Line Games is bringing an enhanced Cel Damage HD game to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this spring. Check out this exclusive developer interview from GDC 2014.

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Fixay887d ago

Funny how they didn't even edit the bits out that they said they would lol

Game looks cool though, wish it had online multiplayer. Hope it gets added at some point

Septic886d ago

Ah man this was so much fun back in the day! It needs online though yeah.

gamerlive887d ago

I remember this game from Xbox

Tiqila886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

I remember that game from gamecube!

Funny btw how they are discussing which questions will be asked next...

MegaRay886d ago

I like the art style (remind me of ps1's bugs bunny and sheep n wolf games). May gonna pick it if its well priced or have available demo (haven't play it yet)

Thehyph886d ago

Sadly, there's no demo.

It's $8.99 for PS+ and $1 more without. It's cross buy between ps3, ps4, and vita.

Farsendor1886d ago

awkward interview, interviewer must not be experience yet which is ok i still like the small amount of gameplay we got from this video.