Rumors: “Very Nice” AAA Game Coming to PS4 Late Next Year; Something “Major” This Year and More

Clues have been dropped today about an AAA game coming to PS4 late next year, and something major coming this year. Also, Electronic Arts will be unveiling an unannounced game soon.

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pedrof931465d ago

"Ohh, something very nice coming late next year"

You gotta love these insiders :D

That's for sure ! Any triple A title will be nice, and it's a matter of fact that will come later this year.

Seriously ?

RPGrinder1465d ago

We could all be insiders.

iamnsuperman1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

We are. I say there will be an AAA game coming out by the end of the year. I also hear Sony and Microsoft will have a press conference at E3

zeee1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )


"Sony and MS are going to sell tons of software and hardware in the upcoming holiday 2014 season. Sony PS4 will lead the hardware and software but MS will be close behind and will make some progress. Expect to see AAA games announcement at E3 as well. Very exciting stuff incoming!"

See, now I am the industry insider every blog/website should go crazy after!


To be honest, I used to love these insider tips especially before the PS4/Xbox One launch. I used to read about how PS4/Xbox One are shaping up to be, what the possible specs will be and so forth. But now, this is downright annoying! This and the news of developers switching companies! I mean, hello? Isn't that what we ALL do, like I don't know, ALL THE TIME?

People switch jobs. Period, get it over it. AAA games will come to Xbox One and PS4. It's not rocket science! I had gotten better a few months ago but now, it's just plain stupid with these insider "tips".

morganfell1465d ago

Something Major? I could wish but I won't get it and that would be to have a great title with Major Kusanagi and the rest of Section 9. There is very little GITS related that I do not own and I would jump at the chance to see Aramaki's team on the PS4.

1465d ago
Mr Pumblechook1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Back in ye olde days working people would pay good money to fortune tellers to give them some insight about their future. The seers never gave definitive statements, they just said vague non-disprovable statements such as 'ye will experience some lows, and ye will experience some highs.' The working people would soak up this stuff because they wanted to, needed to believe in something.

As for industry insiders I really despair at these non leaks. Let me give you all an 'exclusive' Microsoft has something big for next year! Unless insiders are giving some tangible non predictable information like 'Sony studio Guerilla Games is working on a sci-if RPG which will be released in Autumn 2015' then it has no truck with me. We all want news but please use your judgement on what is real.

andibandit1465d ago

Sun is gonna rise tomorrow...

yeah I got connections, but i wont reveal my source.

IronFist1465d ago

Not even a known insider, and is saying such an obvious thing. This doesnt even deserve to be read.

DOMination-1465d ago

Seriously how does crap like this get approved? I would rather see hiphopgamer on n4g right now ibstead of dualshockers spamming us with this garbage

juggulator1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

It's called The Order:1886. We all want it this year but it just ain't gonna happen.

BOOM!! Insider!!

aCasualGamer1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I'm sick of "the next year" game rumors.

Just shut up until you are half a year from releasing your game.

How come there isn't more outrage at the publishers for not releasing any true nextgen games this year?

We've had maybe 5 games that are truly made for nextgen consoles. The consoles have been out for almost 6 months.

This is just so stupid, that we're going in to the end of this year with no major game releases. Pffft.

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LOL...I know right.

Check this out: There will be a major announcement at every E3 for the lifespan of the console.....Im an insider.

candy_mafia1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

LMAO...yeah but, when news is slow or there's no news, you complain!

Jazz41081465d ago

This rumor crap on n4g is getting too much. I know its dualshockers which all they think about is hits to the site from n4g but guys dont approve this crap. In real news today Netflix is raising there subscription price. Why is that not on the front page with so many gamers using it?

tordavis1465d ago

What would we do without Abriel's hit farming? Like seriously, this is news? Did anyone think there was NOT a AAA title coming out for PS4 this year?

randomass1711465d ago

I'm an insider. Watch me pull rumors out of my butt! See? Rumors are fun to discuss but really when it all boils down to it, official info is the always the real deal and should always be what people take into account and get excited for. Rumors should always, always, ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt.

bennissimo1465d ago

Sony's thrilled that MS dropped the marketing ball, because without that series of mind-boggling blunders, Sony would be in the pits. Their AAA lineup is crap and will be crap for months.

Gamer19821465d ago

Next year?? These consoles have little to no games for everybody right now. We need more AAA games THIS year.. Both PS4 and Xbone have been very dry on the big game front.

MoveTheGlow1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

This just in! It will be made by a company with more than three people on staff! It will also be available in a disc format, and that disc will come in a box! It will use the long-awaited, much-rumored Dual Shock 4! Sources are saying it's definitely a "game" and surprisingly enough, "you play it on a TV." Another source says it's "pretty sweet. Oh, I'm talking about this jar of honey over there, I have no idea about the game."

Other sources close to Valve say there's a 100% chance that it might be Half-Life 3 if you squint hard enough while playing it.

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Majin-vegeta1465d ago

Hmmm the pix have anything to do.with Savage Starlight?

-Foxtrot1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I don't know if I would want a savage starlight game....maybe a game like it but not actually savage starlight it's self

I'm not sure why but it would seem a little weird to have a game based on a comic in the Last of Us universe.

If it's EA's game then it could be Mass Effect 4

Drakesfortune1465d ago

Maybe it the comic in Last of us was a hint or clue like the newspaper in uncharted that hinted the last of us!!

-Foxtrot1465d ago


Yeah but Last of Us puts a lot of focus on the comics, I mean you pretty much collect them in the game and Ellie goes on about them all the time. Not really the same as one newspaper hidden in Uncharted.

Seems more like a "thing" in the Last of Us universe rather then a one off hint of a future game.

If I play it I would end up thinking about the Last of Us, instead of focusing on the new games universe.

Drekken1465d ago

Uncharted 4 will be out this November. I would be SHOCKED if it doesn't release this year.

Rimgal1465d ago

I'm not gonna get hyped, i'm not gonna get hyped, i'm not gonna get hyped, i'm not gonna get hyped.....


Rimgal1465d ago

The Grumpy Cat it's awesome. He has an answer for everything....

randomass1711465d ago

Grumpy Cat is hyped? :O Good lord, it seems hell will now freeze over.

Spikes14711465d ago

Hey guys. I'm a insider. There will be games revealed at E3.

Relientk771465d ago

Haha I believe this guy he seems legit

danny8181465d ago

next article on n4g.

"Games to be shown at e3 -insider"

"a n4g user Spikes1471 also a neogaf user leaks info on what to expect for e3. And the leaks have indicate we can epect games at e3"

ltachiUchiha1465d ago

I didnt really trust your source but the koala has made me a believer %100 on this post as being accurate.

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