The Evil Within PAX East Impressions: Stumbling Through the Dark | Entertainment Buddha

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "By presenting your main character as unphased by the numerous horrors surrounding him (be it the city falling apart of the zombies in this demo), the player will naturally feel as though they should not fear the situation either. Removing this tension from the equation took me right out of the moment, and felt as though any threat within The Evil Within’s demo would be a non-issue."

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LAWSON721306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Hope this ends up good so I can get it, hopefully it is 60 fps on Xbone so I can add a game to my new library if not I will be just as happy with PC version

Rikitatsu1306d ago

It's 30FPS on all versions.
Dunno if the PC ver. is locked, though.

To be honest, it's not the type of game that will benefit a lot from 60 FPS... A slow paced horror game.

LAWSON721306d ago

True may just go for Xbone version then. I did not really consider that, though I thought Dead Space was a lot better with unlocked FPS then locked at 30.

1306d ago
TheDarpaChief1306d ago

omfg shutup about the character being unphased. dead space, slender, even silent hill had non existent reactions but of course those games are HORRIFYING OMGZ SUPER SCARY! Just quit it

TricksterArrow1306d ago

Still, games should evolve...

TheDarpaChief1306d ago

it has nothing to do about evolving and you know that. Nobody on gaming forums had a single bad thing to say about this game so now the journalists must fill that hole

TricksterArrow1305d ago

Of course it is evolving, if not, why simply not stick with the same old formula for every game and hope for the best? One of the major critiscisms of later Silent Hill installments and Resident Evil is that the characters are completely dettached or uninteresting. It's a completely valid critiscism to make. If people can't create interesting characters, simply make a FP game and let the player fill in the blanks... Like Slender or Outlast.