Beating Dark Souls II - Of Effigies, Sunken Oceans and a Corrupt Save File

iLLGaming writer Tathagata Ray writes about his Dark Souls 2 journey, and how losing his game saves took him into introspective mode.

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Hellsvacancy1007d ago

Corrupt Save File? i'd freak out if that happened to me

ps, please don't happen to me

Skate-AK1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Back up your save. You never know.

Sovereign591007d ago

I'm not sure about Dark Souls II, but I remember the first game would not allow you to copy your saved games. So you couldn't save the game on your hard drive and copy it to a USB drive. But supposedly it was still possible to make a copy by moving your save to a USB drive, and saving a copy onto a computer before moving the save back to your console. Again, I'm not sure if this is true of the second game, but I know this is the way things were for the first.

Dannycr1007d ago

If you have PS Plus, you don't need that. You have your copy in the cloud folder.

DeborahFFF1007d ago Show
Master-H1007d ago

That shit happened to me, luckily it was right after i beat the final boss and before heading to new game plus. Something happened with our electrical box and the light went off when the damn game was saving, and next time i tried to load it and my str build was gone.

Tried re-updating, re-installing, nothing worked, and unfortunately i am not a plus member so i didn't have cloud saving.

Now i'm on a new playthrough, trying out magic, with a Moonlight GreatSword.

sdozzo1007d ago

My biggest worry about going PC this time.

ColManischewitz1007d ago

I'd cry ... except I'm so bad at Dark Souls II that I wouldn't be losing much. ...

Swiggins1007d ago

If you need a helping hand, then the members over at the Fextralife Wiki are always willing to Jolly Coop, lend helpful advice or point you in the right direction.

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