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PS4 vs Xbox One Games Chart from January to May Shows a Striking Difference

If you want to see exactly what games have been released on each new generation console in the past few months, and which ones will be launched in the nearest future, Deadpixel over at NeoGAF created a very interesting list including every title from January to May. (PS4, Xbox One)

Update Updated with games between December and November.

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-Foxtrot  +   584d ago
Wonder if this is why Sony hasn't really been hyping E3 like Microsoft.....playing it cool.
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Charybdis  +   584d ago
Nice list good overview for confirmed games coming this ye on both platforms.
UltimateMaster  +   584d ago
One thing is for sure.
The PS4 is getting all the games. (aside from those funded by Microsoft or Nintendo)
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GribbleGrunger  +   584d ago | Well said
To summarise this debate:

'I have more to drink from my half pint glass than you have to drink from your pint glass because I don't like what you're drinking.'

10 is greater than 5, 15 is greater than 10, 25 is greater than 15 and 200 is greater than 100. No matter what your tastes are (your dislikes or likes) the fact still remains that 'No games' cannot be applied to the PS4 or the X1. You can apply 'fewer games' though, and as of this moment, the X1 has 'fewer' games than the PS4. This is the reality.
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GrandpaSnake  +   584d ago | Well said
you never cease to amaze me, most of the time i never bother replying to trolls because they are so obviously heavily influenced by their own preferred opinions. facts are facts ,ps4 has a lot more variety that appeal to a wider audience.In my opinion i feel as though the ps4 is just leaps and bounds over the competition in this regard, much more refined ergonomic design overall, more accessible hardware,stronger hardware and a variety of games AAA AA indies and free games.
I LOVE ICE CREAM! its very hard for me to decide flavors because i love ice cream, some more than others. but i dont tell my friend not to eat rocky road because it has too many flavors and i just like vanilla.
NeloAnjelo  +   584d ago
Well said.
johndoe11211  +   584d ago
I don't think it's possible to say anything else on this matter. You just summed up this entire debate. Anyone who argues against your point is beyond reasoning.


Well said +bubble for you.
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randomass171  +   584d ago
Very well said. This sums it up perfectly.
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uncharted56  +   584d ago
Sony has some really great titles in the pipeline. Just wish they would announce them and show them off throughout the year rather then just unload most of their ammo come E3. Maybe I am just being greedy lol. Cant wait for watch dogs and Order and especially Witcher 3 8D
jessupj   584d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Godmars290  +   584d ago
Sony's regularly had 2+ hour E3 presentations where MS usually had one at best. They've also been of the habit of showing off 3rd party multiplatforms where Sony's shown off new IPs.
RedDevils  +   584d ago
@LaChance you're one of the biggest xbot on this site ever since the 360 came out, and yet you have the nerve to tell people to take a break on N4G, the truth is you really need to get a life and start appreciate someone other than M$
Farsendor1  +   576d ago
sony has a good list of games going by this they have almost just as many aaa titles as microsoft so im not sure why people gripe about their indie push.
Lawboy2  +   584d ago
There is no striking difference...there is one key difference and it's called indie games....
-Foxtrot  +   584d ago
and? They are still games, better to have some Indie titles then none at all, something Sony was criticized last gen on

Now that Sony are a big part of Indie developers now it's suddenly not a good thing.

Can't change the goal posts mate
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pwnsause_returns  +   584d ago
well....if you dont like indie games, then why is there an indie program on the x1?

an indie game is a game regardless.. there are some great gems that came out of indie studios.
TheTowelBoy  +   584d ago
They do all the time. Every fanboy does, doesn't matter which console either. They suit the argument to their needs lol but I don't need to tell you that, you seem to be dealing with them better than I can. :P it's like talking to a brick wall, ya know?
FlunkinMonkey   584d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Personally, I think XBOX One has had the edge so far in games, but PS4 has had the edge in sales.

And those indie games don't do anything for me really.

EDIT: XBOX One Dead Rising 3 and maybe Titanfall and PS4 nothing really. Killzone and Infamous is about it, I consider those games just something to play, not games I really look forward to playing. I think PS4 will get very good, but honestly I think XBOX One has had better games so far.
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kingdom18  +   584d ago
You think, and I think. Its subjective which has better games, unless the AAA releases flop and get horrible scores, which I don't believe either really have. Even though you don't really like indies, neither do I, their okay but, I'm not going to buy a system for them, it does give the PS4 and edge, having more games is always better than less. As is, they both have about the same amount of AAA games.
Good point Kingdom18.

I just write what I think, it's a matter of taste. I not saying it's a fact or anything.
randomass171  +   584d ago
Exactly. It is all completely subjective. That's why while I've stated repeatedly that I'm getting the PS4 and NOT the Xbox One, I've maintained my stance that the Xbox One is a quality system and that no one should be looked down upon for owning one. There is a difference of game exclusives and some are making their decisions based on that alone.
mkis007  +   584d ago
Is that not the point? The people are saying by buying 7 million ps4's, that they actually do like indies?
djplonker  +   584d ago
"Xbox one has dr3 and titanfall and ps4 has nothing"

Ff14 has 1000X the content of any xbone game and it looks better than every xbox game that runs at 60fps...
lelo  +   584d ago
That's a lot of uninteresting indie games. 90% of those games on the chart hardly anybody will play.

Out of all those games, 6-7 interest me: Titanfall, Infamous, Trials, Child of Light, Transistor and probably another 1 or 2.

People should learn something important. Quantity does not mean Quality.
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rainslacker  +   584d ago | Funny
Right. Got it. A game isn't quality unless you're interested in it. We also learned that you can judge a games quality despite not being interested in it, and having never played it.

Thanks for that valuable lesson.
T2  +   584d ago
Lol at saying barely any games and then posting obscure games that some won't even sell over a few million like trials and transistor. Perfect example of a terrible argument, thanks for posting lol.
What really matters is that sony has variety and more of it and that equals bigger audience. I have been playing warframe for weeks now and loving it. I don't call it a AAA title but I also don't care, loving the coop.
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kingdom18  +   584d ago
And? For every AAA game Microsoft released, Sony has released one, along with a bucket full of indies. How is having more games to play a bad thing?

@Lawboy2 Knack, Killzone, MLB the Show, inFamous SS, FFXIV ARR, Dynasty Warriors 8.


Dead Rising 3, Kinect Sports Rivals, Titanfall, Ryse Son of Rome, Forza, not sure if KI counts.

If so that one for one AAA.
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Lawboy2  +   584d ago
This is not true

Microsoft started with 3 triple a games..also could count zoo tycoon

Sony released 2 triple a

Microsoft has since released 2 triple A

Sony has released 1
OrangePowerz  +   584d ago

What 2 AAA games did MS release? Titanfall was not released by MS and no Zoo Tycoon can't be counted as a AAA game.
ITPython  +   584d ago
KI and Kinect Sports Rivals are most definitely not AAA games, those qualify more as indies. Whereas the PS4 list is most definitely 100% AAA titles.

If somebody wants to argue that, then it means a large chunk of the PS4 indie games (and f2p games) would quality as AAA's. Thus giving the PS4 about a 4:1 ratio of AAA games over the XB1.
Lawboy2  +   584d ago
@ below

I don't play indie game on my ps4 and nobody I know plays any of those indie games...so because u love indies I have to love indies as well....sorry but I don't...i have both systems and all I've played is

Killzone (demo)
Tomb raider

Plants v zombies
DigitalRaptor  +   584d ago
Bloody heck man. Seriously.

Indies are not a freakin' genre. It's a status of developer with a particular level of support/budget. It's not about "loving indies" or "hating AAAs". It's about loving games.

What about Outlast? What about Daylight? Those games are bigger in scope than something like Plants vs. Zombies, yet you like PvZ, but nothing like Towerfall Ascension on the indie side, cause it has "less of teh graphicz"?
Omegasyde  +   584d ago
I really liked outlast and don't starve. Also resogun was cool.

I did not care for contrast, Mercenary kings, or Dead Nation (game is too dark and I got killed alot of time due to that).

Point is that I did not spend a dime extra besides paying for Playstation+. I play a lot of bf4 too (rank 103) and even warframe.
OrangePowerz  +   584d ago
Todays Indie devs are tomorrows big game devs. Every studio started out making smaller indie games. Just because they don't make huge AAA games right now doesn't mean they or their games should be downplayed. Just look at No Man's Sky, they are a small indie dev and showed off a game that looks amazing. Portal was originally developed by some students.

Some of the indie games offer more fun, play time and enjoyment as AAA games nowadays.

I remember the times when MS lost their advantage of AAA games and Xbox fans and MS went on about all the indie games they had and Sony didn't have and how great and important they are, but now they are just rubbish and unimportant.
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rainslacker  +   584d ago
Wanna know a better example of indie's that people may recognize and realize their argument falls apart.


One of the highest grossing and most played games of the past 10 years is an indie. It's also well respected unlike other indie games that some people seem to like to lump all these games into.

There are a lot of fun indie games out there. Some have simply gorgeous graphics, and some dwarf the scope of the biggest AAA games.

The one thing they don't get is huge marketing budgets to make people think they are worth playing.
Prime157  +   584d ago
AAA =/= good
Indie =/= bad

The misconception of the above concept is purely ignorance.

The key difference of which you speak has a big key difference: there is no striking difference except one has a key difference of indie games.
candy_mafia  +   584d ago
Here's the problem...

To the ignorant or extremely gullible, all this rhetoric regarding PS4 has no games holds a lot of weight. But, when you read articles like this, you can see how sad some fanboys agenda's really are. I'm happy for articles like this, they show the true picture.

Even after the fanatics admit PS4 has (actually) more games available than it's nearest rival, these envious fanboys dismiss them as 'Indies', as if indie games are not viable entertainment?

Mention any game on PS4 and some idiot will scream 'Ryse' or 'Titanfall'!! All this does is reinforce the notion Xbox One owners have only 2 games they can be proud of. Ironically, one of them has less replay value than Infamous SS.

I play on all (X1,PS4,Wii U) systems, and I'm actually embarrassed for these people. The whole debate screams jealousy, inferiority complex and a dose of 'Head in the Sand' syndrome. It would seem it is every PS4 owners fault that MS made a weak and poorly designed console.

What a sad bunch these people really are!
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Sevir  +   584d ago
Lmao! And Some of these indie games out scored every last one of the Xbox Ones Retail exclusive! Again, indie games are GAMES and currently they're games the Xbox One is lacking... SPIN it some more, I'm surprised you and your cohorts aren't dizzy and violently puking...
shadyiswin  +   584d ago
xbox one at the end of day will have more indies and on top of that most are time exclusive for a year.
nypifisel  +   584d ago
Based on what?.. Seriously
beebap  +   583d ago
Not so long ago articles about stating that in fact sony has the most indies 4x as many.
shadyiswin  +   579d ago
because xbox has the largest subscriber base and that xbox@id program is full to the point that they cant accept anymore people till further notice,most indies on ps4 will appear on xbox one as well,but it wont be vice versa. Just look at minecaft on xbox one vs the ps3 version,pretty much sums up the xbox live community vs psn's
TheGreatGamer   584d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
imt558  +   584d ago
Update : Added November and December and with F2P games :

Massacred  +   584d ago
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Massacred  +   584d ago
I've seen this circulated quite a bit recently. Really shows the strides Sony has been making to being more inclusive in the Indie Community.
skydragoonity  +   584d ago
With the ps4 I'm assured top notch quality games
Narutone66  +   583d ago
Don't forget more variety.
BeatDizzle  +   584d ago
XBOX 15 games, PS4 38 games.
Thats +23 games for Playstation in 2014.

Who says PS4 has no games?
imt558  +   584d ago
The opposite side. :)
alexkoepp  +   584d ago
X360 had 500 more games produced for it but the fanboys still try to claim that PS3 had the games.
Major_Glitch   584d ago | Personal attack | show
BlackTar187  +   584d ago
Alex i show 324 games produced more. But they don't count cuz thats almost all Indies.

Indies don't count anymore when you discuss MS systems.
TRD4L1fe  +   584d ago
And how many do you plan on actually playing?
Exies7  +   584d ago
As a PS4 owner, I do. I'm not interested in their indie library. I buy consoles to play console exclusives, and sony is letting me down in that area.

I have more games for The One, because they have better exclusives for me. The only game I play regularly on PS4 is A Realm Reborn. (I wanted to try a console MMO)

I have a PC for most of the titles that are being ported to PS4. I don't see the point in playing them on PS4 when I can play them on PC, and that's IF I was even interested in most of them.
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Veneno  +   583d ago
Since you are a big bad pc dude, u must be playing titanfall on that. So what exactly then are you playing on Xbone? Must be disappointing.
Exies7  +   583d ago

1. I don't think PC is the best gaming device. I think it's subjective to the individual's preferences and opinions.

2. No, I play Titanfall on Xb1, because that's where the majority of my friends are.
Ol_Boy  +   584d ago
And they say Sony fanboys are always posting on n4g because they have no games... lol. PS4 caters to a wide variety of gamers. I'm happy Sony is giving gamers what they really want and that is games. Whether it be indies or AAA titles, good games are good games and the ones on the winning end are us gamers.
Software_Lover  +   584d ago
........ How many of those games have you bought/played?

Having lots of games(Wii) and having games that are of interest to lots of people are different.
Sevir   584d ago | Immature | show
Ol_Boy  +   584d ago
@ Software_lover
Dead Nation,
Killzone shadowfall,
towerfall ascension,
Don't Starve,
FF14 a realm reborn,
Mercenary Kings,
Battlefield 4.
With the amount of PS4s sold I'm sure there's plenty interest in all kinds of games.
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incendy35   584d ago | Trolling | show
Speak_da_Truth   584d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Software_Lover  +   584d ago
Devils advocate.....

I thought it was quality over quantity? Quality is subjective though.
abc1233  +   584d ago
It's for those who stupidly argue that the PS4 has no games, hence it's a quantity debate for them.
Christopher  +   584d ago
Why not both?
BlackTar187  +   584d ago
well in lala land that xbox only fans live in. You can't have quality and quanity.
avengers1978   584d ago | Trolling | show
HappyWithOneBubble   584d ago | Trolling | show
HappyWithOneBubble  +   584d ago
$500 for a console with less games. How can any XB1 owner be happy with this?
#14 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains138  +   584d ago
Cognitive dissonance.
MysticStrummer  +   584d ago
Less power too, but the power of dudebro brand loyalty is strong.
GodGinrai  +   584d ago
Is it REALLY hard for you guys to understand that some people want to play halo/gears/titanfall/KI/forza etc? Or is everything some weird "M$ mind control" thing with you guys?
Hicken  +   584d ago
Is it really hard for you guys to understand that some people don't heft an irrational aversion to indie games? Or are you all mind controlled into thinking the same couple of titles is all anybody should want to play?

I see far more Xbox fans downplaying the larger number of games on PS4 than Sony hands downplaying the games on XB1. Hell, you're guilty of it, yet you've got the balls to play victim.

Seriously, look at all the excuses bring made in here for why the games on PS4 don't count. Then talk about who likes playing games, and who has trouble understanding.
maniacmayhem  +   583d ago

How quickly we forget right Hicken?

Remember when sony fans said multiplats don't count. Referring to the games for 360 that also appeared on PC, how sony fans ridiculed 360 for it and only counted exclusives.

Or how you and other rabid sony fans dismissed the indie games for 360 because they weren't true triple A titles.

All these excuses you see being made were established and made law by the likes of you and other sony fanboys this whole generation.

But once again you fail to acknowledge this as your flip flopping, goal post moving, sony loyalty continues to blind you.
user366359   584d ago | Spam
matt139   584d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
InTheLab  +   584d ago | Well said
Leave it to fanboys to argue what qualifies as a game. So every game has to be AAA this gen but last gen it was all about state of decay and Summer of arcade.
MysticStrummer  +   584d ago
Moving goalposts. What else can be said?
Rainstorm81   584d ago | Trolling | show
Skate-AK  +   584d ago
This is sad. People dissing indies because their competing console has more.
arbitor365  +   584d ago
i told you that MS blew their load at launch. the PS4 has the superior third party support to fill gaps in between big games.
Geekman  +   584d ago | Well said
It's only been a couple of months and PS4 vs Xbox One is already getting old.
bleedsoe9mm  +   584d ago
95% shovelware crap on both the green and blue side
evilbart   584d ago | Trolling | show
HugoDrax  +   584d ago
Well I'll be taking a look at purchasing those indie games :-). As an owner of both consoles, I'll probably pick up majority of indies on my PS4, being that I can play them remotely from my VITA? I'm asking because I haven't tried it yet, because I recently purchased my Crystal White Vita 1000 less than a week ago.

Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out which console to purchase Trials Fusion on? On one hand I could get it for my XB1, but I could also get it for my PS4 and play it remotely from the bed....Decisions decisions....I recently downloaded the Trials Frontier game on my iPad a few hours ago and enjoyed it so much it convinced me to purchase Trials Fusion. Great marketing strategy on Ubisoft's behalf.
#23 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jay2  +   584d ago
Get it on PS4, you'll get the better game even if you's not running on vita. All multi plats have run better on the better, cheaper hardware.
memots  +   584d ago
Only one of the two runs at 1080p .... That's right even trial fusion doesn't run 1080p on the weaker console
buttclown  +   584d ago
Depending on if you care about playing multiplayer with friends or not, I'd say get it on the platform you have more friends to play with. If not, the PS4 does have a better resolution.
jay2  +   584d ago
It'll be Wii U, xbone, ps4. Titanfall. next dead rising etc will come to PS4. timed exclusive won't be happening on xbox one, even cods left them as the defult developed platform and is ps4 now.
Farsendor1  +   584d ago
you guys that don't play indie games miss out on some interesting titles and gameplay mechanics that will never be features in big aaa games.
bleedsoe9mm  +   584d ago
for me i'm still playing my indies on steam unless xb1 or ps4 gives me a reason to buy them there , when i replace my pc hardware i'll still have my games list unless valve goes out of business
Farsendor1  +   584d ago
i wasn't talking about people who do play indies i was merely aiming my comment at people who dismiss indies no matter which platform/s they play on.
bleedsoe9mm  +   584d ago
@farsendor1 oh ya , especially this year , even if you love big AAA games there is allot of space in beteween to fill with some great indies . i just don't see either console as the best place to play them , at least for me . unless they are truly exclusives
#25.1.2 (Edited 584d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
Exies7  +   584d ago
I try a lot of indies, but I just don't like them. I like games with a cinematic feel and a proper story. Most indies are trying to mimic old school games, or completely create a new puzzle mechanics, etc.

Indies just aren't for some people. They aren't more or less of a gamer.
Predaking77   584d ago | Trolling | show
NeloAnjelo   584d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
mkis007  +   584d ago
These arguments are giving me cancer.
Codey47  +   584d ago
You may have to get that looked at....as opposed to scrutinizing virtual random posts.
mkis007  +   584d ago
People saying more games are anything but good.
bjmartynhak  +   584d ago
As someone that don't have an Xbox One, I'm quite surprised that the vast majority of the indie games are not on X1 (yet). I thought at least some would be...
urwifeminder  +   584d ago
Happy with xb1 so far and PC is beasting so much steam brilliance I have no room for any other atm.
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