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Sucker Punch Created Their Own "Fish AI" For inFamous: Second Son; Shows Delsin Chasing Fishes

GearNuke: "In their GDC Presentation titled "The Visual Effects of inFamous: Second Son", Sucker Punch showed a neat little footage at the end."

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ape007832d ago (Edited 832d ago )

still not as good as ghost's

randomass171831d ago

Don't you mean Mario 64's? :P

ShinMaster831d ago

Funny that unlike Ghosts, the fish AI actually works in Infamous SS.

TXIDarkAvenger831d ago

The sad part is they took time to mention the fish AI yet it doesn't work and look at those fish sprites. Oh man.

ziggurcat831d ago

remember when the initial waterfall of ridicule happened, infinity ward tried to backpedal, and say they were just joking?

abstractel831d ago

Technically this is really easy to do. Considering the particle setup they already implemented had this would be a few hours of work at most. Fun easter egg though.

DoomeDx832d ago

Really? Almost a year later and we still make fish AI jokes? :p

randomass171831d ago

'Tis quite a good jab, I would still say.

elhebbo16832d ago

It has bin used more than arrow to the knee by now.

torchic831d ago

you clearly weren't around for "arrow to the knee"

ginsunuva831d ago

That 'Murican eagle just said the word "bin."

That's a turrist word there!

elhebbo16831d ago

@torchic I've been around all that BS, but yea I'm probably exaggerating a bit.

Christopher831d ago

Yeah, not even close. Massive exaggeration there ;)

cyclindk831d ago

What is this "arrow to the knee" you speak of? Tell me about it?

Xulap831d ago

@cyclindk I was planning to tell you about it, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

NarooN831d ago

The difference between 'arrow to the knee' and the fish jokes is that the fish jokes are actually funny.

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Downtown boogey831d ago

Never saw that before, so...

totallysane832d ago

good thing he didn't have cole mcgrath powers. electricity in water is a bitch

aCasualGamer831d ago

I never really understood why Cole couldn't be in water. We today have electric eels capable of shocking preys in water and they cope with it just fine.

I never got why Cole, a superhuman with magical electric powers, couldn't cope the way an electric eel copes with it.

If it's in his cells the way it's in an electric eels cells, then it shouldn't be a problem for him to be in water. The only difference from water and air is the amount of voltage. But since he gets stronger the more voltage he absorbs, doesn't that mean he'd be stronger in water?

randomass171831d ago

Keep in mind Cole was from the first (and technically second) InFamous games. Think back to Crash and Spyro. Any character almost always have to have water be a hazard in their first game. :P

elhebbo16831d ago

It had more to do with the limits of the game than the story itself.

GdaTyler831d ago

Time span in Infamous 1 to 2 is about a couple months. I doubt he controlled the powers well at all yet. If he had them for a long time I could understand.

BlackTar187831d ago

Well they're alot of issues with comparing our internal make up to an eels.

Taht said dude had super powers sooooooo

NeoTribe831d ago

Dude im pretty sure they just did that to create a boundry. Dont think they intended anyone to myth bust what they were going for lol.

BlackTar187831d ago

obviously Neotribe. Intended or not (not obviously) doesn't mean you can't further explain it outside of their intention.

totallysane831d ago

the powers were also new to him, and probably didn't have control over them as much as we saw. he probably constantly had an outside layer of electricity waiting to be shot. when you did get him in water, you would see electricity climbing all around him.

Sy_Wolf831d ago

An electric eel can go in a car without it blowing up of come in contact with a gun without it blowing up. An electric eel also doesn't cause huge amounts of visible electricity to shoot up 3 feet from the water (when cold runs through a puddle that happens)

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The_Infected832d ago

Call of Duty: Ghost is a joke. I'm actually looking forward to the next Call of Duty since Ghost was a massive let down. I actually hate it so much I want even touch it. First time I've hated a Call of duty game this much.

ironfist92831d ago

UHm...this article is about Infamous, not COD...

The_Infected831d ago

It's comparing to Ghost. Can't you read between the lines? Lol

ginsunuva831d ago

Next CoD sucks, I'm looking forward to the one after that one since it was a massive let down.

Next Next CoD sucks, I'm looking forward to the one after that one since it was a massive let down.

Next Next Next CoD sucks, I'm looking forward to the one after that one since it was a massive let down.


OutcastMosquito831d ago

@mystic and memots

You clowns finished yet?

OutcastMosquito831d ago

Ghosts wasn't that bad. It was tolerable.

MysticStrummer831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

They should put that in their advertising…

Gamers enthuse - "It's tolerable!"

memots831d ago

In this age of remakes or like dragon knight likes to calm them "cash grab"
They should make call of duty : ghost tolerable edition

lawgone831d ago

@MysticStrummer...I still play Ghosts but that was pretty funny. It's definitely missing something. Or maybe we're just getting tired of them not fixing some of the problems. Plus the Ghosts story is not interesting or engaging at all.

HighResHero832d ago TrollingShowReplies(1)
OmegaShen832d ago

Fish stick ai is the real future lol.

RedSoakedSponge831d ago

mmmm and we all love fish sticks

Eidolon831d ago (Edited 831d ago )

Do you like putting them in your mouth?

randomass171831d ago

Fish AI is more innovative than Cranky Kong.