PlayStation Now Beta Gets a Lot of New Games, Raises Quality; “Rental” System and Screenshots Leaked

The PlayStation Now beta got a new round of 20 games, and screenshots have leaked, showing the full catalog and the "rental" system.

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Fanci1433d ago

Not a great selection of games.

Crossbones1433d ago

I like Grid, Catherine, & Saints Row though.

Abriael1433d ago

Depends on what you like. Catherine, Disgaea, Saints Row, Blazblue and quite a few others are quite great.

Eonjay1433d ago

Actually that is a great selection and when you combine it with the other titles that have been leaked, this service is looking better and better. They really nailed the variety. I already see a few games I would gladly be willing to rent.

thorstein1433d ago

It's called a Beta Test. They are offering a plethora of games to test the usage of the service through the servers.

ginsunuva1433d ago

These are just games for testers to play.

Not the entire lineup.

I can't believe I actually replied to you.

randomass1711433d ago

Kinda makes ya feel silly, don't it? :P To each their own pal. Let 'em have theirs.

levian1433d ago

Not yet... What I'm sad about is the supposed lack of a subscription model. Pay one price a month/year to play any of the games as much as you want

CrazedFiend1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Fanci (and good ol' MULK here for that matter) obviously don't understand what a beta is. It's to test the service, not the games, kid.

I do sometimes wonder about Sony's definition of "beta" sometimes, tho. It's been a couple months, but last time I checked PlayStation Home was still in beta. That's right, a whole generation spent in beta.
At least it was open beta. :/

1OddWorld1432d ago

Their trying every type of game play against the network to see what "bugs" will need ironed out. I have sworn myself to secrecy and can not speak about my experience or lack of experience with the "PS Now" service. What I can say is we should all be very excited.

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Grave1433d ago

That's effing great. Can I get that beta email already, holy crud!

Ripsta7th1433d ago

Wow I got invited but never got the second email with the code -_-

Abriael1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I have a friend that got invoted on the first round, never got his back as well.

Mind you, being in Europe I can't even hope :D

Sethry1011433d ago

Try being in South Africa, I just have to hope we get it at all one day, let alone a beta lol.

Salooh1433d ago

My country doesn't have a store XD

swishersweets200311433d ago

give it a bit you should get it, took a minute to get mine.

Terarmzar1433d ago

I finally got the redeem code today and had the first email, maybe two weeks ago. It will get to you soon most likely.

lex-10201433d ago

Took me about 4 days to get the second email with the code.

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neocores1433d ago

Yeah I got my key three days ago and its 100% legit. played gird and D2 had no lag or anything.

Rockefellow1433d ago

Three days ago, those games weren't part of the selection. They just rotated them within the past 48 hours.

lex-10201433d ago

He didn't say he played those games only 3 days ago. He said he got the email three days ago and played those games. He could have played them in that 48 hours.

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