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Rumor: Another Super Smash Bros. Character Select Screen Appears Online

Nintendo recently dedicated a full Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This direct also saw the announcement of two brand new characters, Charizard and Greninja. Now it appears that another character select screen of Super Smash Bros. has made its way online, and this one shows way more character than what are currently announced, but this one is in Japanese. (Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

Hard to tell
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RmanX1000  +   401d ago
The only issue im seeing here is Ice Climbers since Sakurai said theyd be an issue to pull off on the 3DS. But hey,since Rosalina & Luma seem to be a much more technical version of them, maybe they are in. Also since this is the "Japanese version" of the game, shouldn't they just be called "Ice Climber" like in Brawl and Melee.
TomShoe  +   401d ago
If you bring back Squirtle, I will love you forever Sakurai.
randomass171  +   401d ago
I think that limitation had more to do with Zelda/Shiek's transformation or Samus/Zero Suit Samus' suit exchanges. Hence why both have been omitted.
3-4-5  +   401d ago
I want them to leave 2-3 characters unknown that WE the gamers have to figure out once we get the game, who they are.

* Then the first person to get it, will post it online and it will be this huge surprise.

Those who love that character will scramble to accomplish whatever task it takes to unlock them.

It will be like a group community game within a game.
eaise  +   401d ago
This would have been very easy for someone to just make. All the pictures of the characters look like they were pics that were cut from google images. Plus the only character that hasn't been announced already or isn't a returning character is Chrom. Would have been very easy for someone to fake. IMO this probably isn't the official character select screen. Though I guess it could be the starting characters with others having to be unlocked.
randomass171  +   401d ago
I'm personally hoping this ISN'T real, only because this roster seems rather bare bones. I would hope that there are more characters to unlock. If not, then I won't be upset, but still. It would be kind of disappointing if they revealed every single new fighter prior to launch.
Concertoine  +   401d ago
sakurai did say that the roster may be smaller or equal to brawl's to trim out clones and balance it better.
4logpc  +   401d ago
seems odd that there would be 39 characters. Might sounds stupid but i feel like Nintendo would go with a solid number like 40.
videgamenext1  +   401d ago
I heard 50 was the final roster number
DialgaMarine  +   401d ago
There has to be more. No way would there be no unlockable characters.
i just hope it's a lot more than 11.
sinncross  +   401d ago
Well Brawl has 39 characters. Melee had 26. So, I dont think there is any evidence that Nintendo would go for a solid number like 40.
videgamenext1  +   401d ago
40 is just way to less of a number.
Skate-AK  +   401d ago
We will just have to see. I like that list though. Good variety.
-Foxtrot  +   401d ago
I hope there's more characters, some of them from past games like Falco for example might end up being clone characters

I highly doubt they wouldn't include at least Shulk, Krystal, Isaac, King K. Rool or Mewtwo...I mean Jigglypuff/Greninja but no Mewtwo.
trenso1  +   401d ago
why would jigglypuff be in the game? That character has been in smash bros since the first one on the N64. And i don't think we will have clone characters this time around they seem to be varying roster a lot
randomass171  +   401d ago
Jigglypuff is part of the original 12, so I think she'll be in no matter what. Crossing my fingers on Shulk and Pac-Man.
jonatan221  +   400d ago
I wonder if they would include Jigglypuff though, it is one of the first pokemon to be in SSB, but then I feel like the game would be oversaturated with pokemon :p
krontaar  +   401d ago
Ganondorf is using old artwork, instantly fake.
CAB1802  +   401d ago
I See fake Super Smash Bros Character selects on facebook all the time, LOL
DiscoKid  +   401d ago
Clearly fake.
andrewer  +   401d ago
Lucas? :(
Foraoise  +   401d ago
Fake. There have been a LOT of people debunking on multiple sites. (Neogaf, Gfaqs, etc.)
randomass171  +   401d ago
Certainly hoping so. I would like the final roster to be even bigger than this. And include a number of other characters. Like Shulk and Pac-Man.
--Onilink--  +   401d ago
well it seems pretty clearly that its a fake, nice roster though.

If i had to guess, its missing someone else from Kid Icarus (sakurai tends to be biased towards games he has worked on), visual overhaul to ganondorf, and a couple of surprise characters like shulk, someone from Golden Sun would be awesome and the namco character (hopefully lloyd and not pacman)
Relientk77  +   401d ago
Man I hope Lucas is in the game
BattleN  +   401d ago
Looks real to me but if it's fake I wont be surprised!
StrykerDragoon  +   401d ago
princejb134  +   401d ago
I love this roster
I would be satisfied with this roster
RoyUK_117  +   401d ago
If you try to "leak" Japanese shots, you should at least know the language!

I mean, Japanese on top right doesn't really make any sense to me. If I was asked to translate the sentence into English, that would be like "dwelling in order to survive"... very weird.
R00bot  +   401d ago
Faker probably used Google translate.
TotalSynthesisX  +   401d ago
I thought it was fake from the moment I saw "Sonic" instead of "Sonikku". Looks good graphically though.
kirbyu  +   401d ago
The fact it says "Ice Climbers" makes me think it's fake. They're always just "Ice Climber" in the Japanese version.

I'm thinking it's fake though because the Ganondorf picture looks like this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org...

But if it's real, is it the whole roster? Because I find it hard to believe that Pit is still the only Kid Icarus character.
BattleN  +   401d ago
There are secret slots you would unlock in past games
eworthington0  +   401d ago
I know this is not real. I would thinm they would put shulk in. Thats who im really counting on. They really like their swordsman in smash. I also think its a strong possibility because X is right around the corner.
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TripC50  +   400d ago
Fake. Blurry Game and watch gives it away

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