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Resident Evil, the Future, and the Horror Genre

Michael Scoggins asks how horror and Resident Evil can survive and sustain itself, despite its strange state today. (Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, Amnesia: Dark Descent, Outlast, PC, PS3, PS4, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

erictaylorkid  +   131d ago
Good piece! I'm not as optimistic as you, however. AAA studios have much to risk and would rather churn our shoot em ups than a niche market genre like survival horror. It's a shame. And, unfortunately, early impressions of The Evil Within are poor :(
eddytsnow  +   130d ago
I think perhaps we will see that start to shift. The Last of Us was a huge success! The early impressions of The Evil Within are just that, early impressions. I hope it is am awesome horro game when it finally drops
Don't get me wrong, I hold no allusions that survival-horror is going to become mainstream because of a few games in the last couple years. It is a sad fact that AAA studios are more interested in the FPS annual entries. I really think the future of the genre is in the indie games market. We will see some AAA titles but indie will end up keeping survival horror alive.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   130d ago
Resident Evil has parted its ways with horror, sadly. And now when someone tries to bring that similar oldschool horror back , it gets bashed and leaves bad impression to media and public.
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eddytsnow  +   130d ago
Agreed SNB! (Love the name btw lol) RE has shifted to an action game. While not necessarily a bad thing, i think long time fans of the series would definitely like to see an return to the original trilogy's style of gameplay. I know I definitely would! Unfortunately, the industry is very conservative with the risks it is willing to accept. Which, given the cost of producing a game, is somewhat understandable. Check out the indie scene. There is some awesome stuff happening there with survival horror!

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