Why EA Should Start Working on Red Alert 4

GamerBolt: "It’s been around 5 years since we’ve seen them release anything, isn’t it about time?"

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reaperofsouls1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Don't bother, red alert3 was sh*t.

Lowsnamebrand1495d ago

Agreed but I still love RA2

Chapster1495d ago

They should make a HD remake of Red Alert 1.

I remember playing Red Alert Retaliation all the time on the PS1.

Lowsnamebrand1495d ago

Bought it a few months back off psn just for the memories

ATi_Elite1495d ago

NO they should just REBOOT the series with Tiberium Wars and make it JUST like the Tiberium Wars gameplay but of course use the Frostbite 3 and it's unique capabilities.

I never cared too much for Red Alert or Generals.

Tiberium Wars ALL DAY!

jazmac1495d ago

Guys not really thought this through has he?

Make red alert 4 because the new consoles are out? RTS is notoriously crap on console because of the requirement to use a controller.

aliengmr1495d ago

Red Alert 4...for consoles? And whats with making it an FPSTPSRTSMMOFPRPG, thing? As bad ideas go this one is a winner.

I would rather never see RA ever again then have "Tiberium Twilight" happen again.

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