The DeanBeat: Why gamers are lucky they got to play Titanfall

Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat:

The game is a refreshing and innovative addition to the multi-billion-dollar first-person shooter genre. And yet, I’m surprised that the game was made at all, even though it was created by the fathers of Call of Duty, one of the bestselling video game franchises of all time.

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Blackleg-sanji1675d ago

i really enjoy titanfall(on my pc) but i fail to see the big hype and innovation ppl keep talking about?

Geekman1675d ago

It's not COD.


Pro Racer1675d ago

It's basically COD with mechs, jetpacks and dumb AI.

thief1675d ago

In a nutshell: Titanfall rocks because I am a noob who is useless at shooters and too lazy to play more intelliegent, team based shooters where less skillful gamers can contribute. Hence, I love a game which is filled with dumb AI fodder who I can gun down and feel like a hero.

And it's just like COD, but with robots in it. That makes it a "technical and creative marvel".

Philthy1675d ago

Instead of blatant flaming against Titanfall (it's popular, therefore you hate it, we get it), if you bothered to check out the article you'd see the article talks about Respawn's long road of developing the game and how it might not've seen the light of day.

thief1675d ago

Unfortunately, i did read the article.

Daikatana and Duke Nukem had a "long road, might not have seen light of day" story as well. So are we "lucky" to have played those games as well?

Charybdis1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Not sure If you read the article it says short development time-line racing to complete the title.

Also Confused why you compare it with duke because it "had a long road", do you mean to imply that titanfall is as bad as duke nukem and daikatana?

MysticStrummer1675d ago

"it's popular, therefore you hate it, we get it"

You like it, therefore you lump anyone who doesn't into the hater camp by using an incredible oversimplification, we get it.

TRD4L1fe1675d ago

you realize the only game mode where the AI is a factor is attrition right?.....of course you dont. every other game mode is up to the players to win or not, especially Last Titan Standing.

DJustinUNCHAIND1675d ago

Can't wait to get home and play this.

Summons751675d ago

Meh, it's not exactly earth shattering like the devs were promising and hyping. We would have survived without it, fun while it lasted but the fun died quick.

Hicken1675d ago

It was fresh for a little while. Never saw the innovation.

Can't say I'm lucky to have played it. Was fun for a bit, though.

SixtyNine1675d ago

The same could be said about any game. Titanfall wasn't meant to be the second coming. It's still just another game.

Summons751675d ago

The devs kept acting like the game was the end all be all of FPS games which in turn made the would be fans think that too. You're right that could be said about any game but it's very rare that a dev actual makes those kinds of claims. Most are just humble and show their excitement for the project and hope that fans will love it too. When devs do start claiming their game is a godsend the game typically comes out bland and sells poorly. Ninja Theory is a great example of this, they always act like god reached down and touched their the point where they insult anyone who gives them some critisim. In turn they're games turn out awful and undersell because they treated everyone like crap then they blame consumers. Respawn wasn't that critical but they did act like they were better (probably because they are still butthurt Activision wrongly screwed them and fired them) but the game came and it was meh

Hicken1675d ago

Between the devs, the publishers, Microsoft, and all the fanboys around here, it was most certainly played up as the second coming.

I can't believe how anyone who spent time on this site prior to Titanfall's release can say it wasn't hyped up to insane levels.

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