Do Sports Games Need More Competition?

Sports games, nowadays, seem to be lacking the competition they once had with each other. Whether it is football, basketball, or baseball, it seems as if there is less competition each year. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Well... that all depends on which sport we are talking about.

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AgentSmithPS41431d ago

Yes. They aren't saints so many of them need the god of competition putting the fear of losing the mighty dollar into them, lest they go and make a game like BF4.

LexHazard791431d ago

Of course, I wish the leagues wouldnt make exclusive deals and leave the license open for other devs. There are alot of gamers waiting to play something else.

I would like to see NFL2K, High Heat Baseball and Links make a comeback!

TheButtonMasher1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

I think they do. It's for this reason that I'm so excited for EA's UFC. They seem to be going for more of a simulator than your traditional arcade-styled THQ UFC game (no hate toward THQ, their UFC games were fun).

I think this new simulator will be a step in the right direction - making both single-player and online more competitive.

TheButtonMasher1431d ago

Forget what I just said... I should have read your entire article before commenting.

After reading it, I also agree with what you're saying. Franchises like Madden and The Show monopolizing the sports market can get away with lesser-quality games. If there were competition, we'd have a wider variety with each developer trying to out-qualitize (new word?) the other.

woodchipper891431d ago

I agree. Competition breeds excellence.

TheButtonMasher1431d ago

Remember the days of NFL Blitz and Midway's Slugfest baseball games? Those were good games.

Farsendor11431d ago

yep sports game shouldnt be limited to only one publisher.

Tiqila1431d ago

Obviously competition is good

urwifeminder1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Yeah really loved the MSN titles back on xbox they were impressive.

woodchipper891430d ago

I remember them having a funny commercial for their football game with Manning on the cover.