PS4 Version of Beyond: Two Souls Possibly Outed by DualShock 4 Input Code

If The Last of Us: Remastered is any indication Sony seems fond of the idea of re-publishing the latest PS3 games on PS4, and something possibly ousting a PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls has emerged.

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Nitrowolf21524d ago

Not sure how I feel about this game getting a remastered version. I enjoyed it, but just doesn't seem like a title that really should. Though I guess if there's a demand

Am-No-Hero1524d ago

i want to try it on PS4 .. i never get the chance to try it on PS3 :)

GarrusVakarian1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I can understand people like you who haven't played this game wanting to play it on PS4, but in terms of Sony....i don't get why they would do this. The Last Of Us getting a remaster is understandable, it was a massive success and will most likely sell even more PS4's. But this game isn't even remotely as successful as TLOU. What exactly would be the point of bringing this to PS4?

I'm all for bringing the crème de la crème of late last-gen, to current gen consoles, especially if there is high demand from fans.....but imo, this game isn't the best of the best of last gen.... i just see this as unnecessary.

badboy7761523d ago

Beyond: Two Souls & LOU PS4 Remastered bundle would've been better for $60.

ArchangelMike1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Beyond Two Souls did sell well over a million copies, so Sony obviousy deems it as another successful new IP

In anycase both TLOU and BTS were using PS4 techniques so it's a no brainer to port it over and beef up the PS4 library. Those who haven;t played it yet will appreciate it for what it is. Those of us who have played it will simply move on.

@ badboy 776
A Beyond Two Souls / TLOU remaster bundle would be an absolute steal at $60. A great idea, but I can't see Sony bundling them together.

Dirtnapstor1523d ago

I rented it. It was okay. You have to be in the mood to appreciate this game. Played more like an interactive movie. Slow paced.

DragonKnight1523d ago

Called it.

Expect more recycled games.

Prime1571523d ago

Honestly, the three big first party exclusives that came out summer or later 2013... if Sony has just pushed them to ps4 in the first place then no xbot could utter those more false words of, "ps4 has no games."

Seriously, 3 big exclusives for ps3 released within 5 months of ps4 (tlou, beyond, gt6). It's their business; I'd rather not see them go under, so port away.

A012345671523d ago

Agreed, I never tried it on PS3 since as the PS4 was beginning to release I kind of stopped getting PS3 games, so ones that came out in that grey area for me are perfect to see re-released. I just prefer being on my PS4 due to how much smoother and faster everything works in the os.

hello121523d ago

Typing on my phone, but this is my view, anyway. Its clear Sony has not got the money to bring lots of first party games to the PS4. I expect some new games from thier studios at E3, but it will be on the light side

Remastering old titles means Sony is worried about having no games. Rumors Microsoft will remaster halo2 but Sony is going forward with it on a larger scale.

Sevir1523d ago

Lol! Sony seems to want to add a few summer fillers to its line up, Beyond:2S has sold over a million copies despite it's mixed critical reception. It seems likely for them to do this since Beyond: Two Souls Engine was actually built on PS4, Cage did say that Quantic had PS4 kits before most 3rd party devs had it, way back in 2012 when Kara tech demo was announced at GDC... And what they showed with the Dark Sorcerer was just mind blowing and it was Basically the beyond two souls engine running raw and unoptimized. I would be surprised if they ported this to PS4 to fluff the summer drought. The game already looked like an early PS4 game! I was actually surprised how visually arresting this game was when I played it.

I'll pass on this one though if it's announced! I'm waiting on Their next game which I'm sure will lead to their acquisition to becoming first party for Sony!

avengers19781523d ago

I really didn't like this game, but for those that never played it and want to give it a go it is a good game, just wasn't my cup of tea, my reasons for not liking it are bit picking, but the jumping around just killed it for me, and some parts were like why was this in the game. I don't want to get into specifics, as I don't want to give any spoilers, but enough of this remastering every game, let's get some new content already.

maniacmayhem1523d ago

If this is true then DragonKnight did call it.

On one hand we had a lot of people here on N4G saying BC for consoles wasn't important and they would rather play new games on a their new system. But now having these companies repackage these old games and sell them for 50-60 bux is okay? I would rather they added BC for consoles if it meant this.

These games (Beyond, TLoU) aren't even considered old and are getting the re-mastered, re-release treatment.

And even if this game sold a million doesn't make it a success considering the reviews it got and not knowing how much production cost. Getting William Dafoe and Ellen Page to voice probably cost what this game made in sales.

NewMonday1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

games need a shelf life, it's not all about day1 sales, and with last gen ending extended sales will be poor, also the PS4 has a larg chunk of non-PS3 owners so they constitute a new market.


like I said the PS4 has a large base of gamers who never had a PS3 and never had the chance to play exclusives, this is the target market, it actually makes more sense Sony do this than an already multi-platform last generation game like Tomb Raider/GTA5 that were on 360/PS3/PC.

strifeblade1523d ago

wow look at all the amazing ps4 support,first last of us and now beyond! The ps4 library is definitely beefed up, fingers crossed for lair remastered AND WHO COULD FORGET HAZE REMASTERED, if that happens then the ps4 library is PERFECT!

QuickdrawMcgraw1523d ago

I don't get what the big deal is...If you want to play these games on the PS4,then play them...If you don't want to then don't play them...Why do some seem so outraged about this...

GuruMeditation1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Exactly, I really don't see why this is an issue. The resources expended are minimal, as it'll only be a remaster-so it's not as if a AAA will be canned. More of these remasters should be more than welcome for those who never owned a PS3. For those who think it's too expensive, or shouldn't exist at all, don't lose sleep over it; it's bolstering your console's library, which means more games for those new to PS and isn't meant for you (unless, like me, you were a fan of the game and want to collect it with its highest possible fidelity, just like my albums and movies). If this is commercially viable, they will release it, if it's not then they won't. It's all pretty simple. It annoys me how people consider it some sort of ruse or con-job; People will vote with their wallets, so whether these REMs are worth the money is largely irrelevant. Should Skinny Puppy have re-released CF&M for £10? But that's twice what the album cost 30-years ago? Yes, yes they should. Because I for one don't own a record deck.

P.S @quickdraw sorry for repeating some of your comment, I didn't see it there lol

Diver1523d ago

add me to the list of rebuyers

N4Flamers1523d ago

My view on this repackaging issue is that I dont think it costs studios a lot of time to up the resolution of a game, so that means they generate extra sales by reselling the game. Financially it makes sense.

I didnt pick this up for the ps3 so I will get it when the price (if it's $60) drops. I wouldnt pay full price for the same game thats available on the ps3 even though I would rather play it on my ps4.

hadouken0071523d ago

Same here have lots of games on my plate, and never played it, so I'd get it.

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Thatguy-3101524d ago

You took the words out of my mouth. The Last of Us is getting remastered and I'm fully behind it because of how great the game is and the demand for it on the PS4 is second to none. Don't have anything against this game but how much more can it offer on the ps4? I feel if they do remaster this game or any of the Uncharted/God of war ones then it will obviously be a quick cash grab. In my opinion, they simply don't need to be remastered.

whothedog1523d ago

No I did not like this game, I do not want it. Well, it was ok, but doesn't warrant a remake. If they do I think they need the money to pay the actors that were in it :D

Jughead34161523d ago

In regards to TLOU Remastered, fans wanted this. Naughty Dog revealed that they didn't even start this until a while after the PS3 version was released, and they seen the fan reaction. I don't know if fans wanted a Beyond Two Souls PS4 game. I'm sure it will be pretty awesome, but maybe a bit unneccessary. That being said, it would probably be too tempting for me not to pick it up. If they're remastering all the PS3 exclusives that came out around PS4's launch, then they may as well do God of War Ascension. Imagine Kratos at 1080P, 60FPS.

Rickgrimes951523d ago

Wasn't a huge fan I would rather quantum dream make another game as good as heavy rain

MysticStrummer1523d ago

I'd rather see QD take the concepts of the Kara video and make that into a game.

Mozef1523d ago

Kara Demo was such a great demo video, I so agree with you.

strifeblade1522d ago

i would rather see sony change the name of the ps4. Ever heard of the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM? The ps4 should be called SONY REMMASTERED SYSTEM

randomass1711523d ago

I would have been happier for this including Heavy Rain remastered as well, but I'll take what I can get. I never played Beyond. Feel I should though.

TricksterArrow1523d ago

I think it's definitely a good addition to PS4's roster of games. Aside from beinga an exclusive, sure, this game had some lows, but it had several highs (specially technically) and those were amazing. Plus, Jodie is a wonderful female protagonist. Ellen Page did a great job.

lelo1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Unless this remastered game, and others announced, are to be offered with PSN+, I have absolutely no interest in them.

It's just a wast of resources that Sony could be using to produce new games.

Chevalier1523d ago

It is low cost and high profit for them. There is a huge audience that have switched from xbox 360 and did not own a PS3 and would have wanted to play TLOU, Beyond etc. It will fund other games by Naughty Dog and Quantic dream. This is no different then Xbox 360 remasters of Halo and Fable and now for Xbox One is doing Halo 2 apparently.

If it cost $10 million to remaster for example and they sell 1 million copies that's about $60 million sales at retail. They probably had it planned from the start and already have it ready to go without lots of extra work. It's a smart use of limited resources and maximize the profit if you consider it this way. It's no different from re-releases and Game of the Year releases.

mkis0071523d ago

Costs very little. Takes an indie sized team a few months to do it.

turgore1523d ago

They should make it more comprehensive.

ipach1523d ago

better graphics won't fix the over-acting, shallow character development, and 2 dimensional 'gameplay', but better than nothing! the visuals definitely stretched the ps3 to the max, so having it run a bit smoother and all might be welcome...

there are a good bunch of people who really love that game though, and that might be enough to compel QD/Sony to try re-releasing it. maybe they'll even 'director's cut' it or something. an even more brilliant strategy would be to make it a double feature: heavy rain + beyond remastered on ps4. now THAT might actually sell...

Bobby Kotex1523d ago

I pretty much feel the same about any PS3 game. This is great for new gamers, but I don't care about any of these money grabs. I can tell this generation will milk the 'remastered' thing even more than last generation. I would much prefer they concentrate on new content.

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jc485731524d ago

Well, I guess they can go back and remaster some areas, but character models are as good as it gets.

Abriael1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

There's nothing that can't be improved :D

Just look at what QD did with the last sorcerer demo.

jc485731524d ago

yea, but we're talking remastering a game, not really remaking it to look like The Last Sorcerer.

I guess the one thing they can go back to is add a bit more polygons on NPC characters. Improve the hair? I don't know really, maybe unseen content or an uncut version...did I just say "uncut" version? Hmmmm.....

randomass1711523d ago

Or the Kara demo for that matter.

ArchangelMike1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Lol. I see where you're going with the "uncut version", but I think Ellen Page has already threatened to sue Sony over those leaked images 0.o

randomass1711523d ago

Honestly, I think it may have been a publicity stunt. I doubt there really is any bad blood between Page and Sony.

Sevir1523d ago

What I though the media leaked those and Sony threatened to sue so her image wouldn't be damaged, while also protecting the game she starred in.

Back-to-Back1523d ago

God of War Ascension is next.

LordHiggens1524d ago

Well if this gets a remaster I will pick it up on PS4 as I never played it on PS3, I loved Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain.

BX811523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Heavy rain was epic. I absolutely loved it. I haven't played this game yet so I might pick it up.

Edit: I wonder if this was gonna be an E3 announcement. That would suck if it was.

Farsendor11523d ago

heavy rain and beyond two souls should come on one disk for ps4.

NBT911523d ago

Agree! I loved Heavy Rain. For me I just didn't get as into the plot for Beyond, it felt much more fixed as if my action didn't really effect the outcome much which was What I loved about HR.
I'd buy them if they were both on a PS4 collection though!

GamersHeaven1524d ago

Looked to see if this was DS4 compatible for the PS3 not on any list i've seen so its very possible it could be DS4 support for the PS3 version.

ChronoJoe1523d ago

DS4 support in games it not explicit, just incidental. If the controllers were to be compatible they'd be patched to the OS rather than on a game specific basis.