GameTap: Ninja Gaiden II Review 9/10

The only other gripes about Ninja Gaiden II are the recycling of bosses and fighting two different bosses back to back. The former isn't totally bad since you should already have a good idea of how to beat them, but it's disappointing in one of those "No, you should be dead already" kind of ways. As for the latter, this isn't necessarily a complaint about difficulty as it is about convenience. One of the worst feelings in the world of video games is to spend thirty minutes or so fighting a tough boss, only to realize that you have to fight another boss right after that without a save point in between. So, don't even think of turning off the system to go do something else. You're going to have to beat that second boss unless you want to have to go through the pain of fighting the first boss all over again.

It's these very moments in the game that caused GameTap to say, "You have got to be kidding me," but the aggravation only made the sense of accomplishment that much greater. And that is perhaps Ninja Gaiden II's greatest asset--not the pretty graphics or the gratuitous violence. And if you're one of those people sitting on the fence about this game because the original was so hard, don't worry. While Ninja Gaiden II is a difficult game, it's also far more forgiving than the original (particularly on the acolyte setting) and it gives you ample opportunities to beef up your skills and become a master ninja.

Pros: Excellent gameplay; nice variety in the later levels; great difficulty curve.

Cons: Story isn't all that interesting; camera can get in the way; few framerate hiccups here and there.

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Condoleezza Rice3622d ago

The general complaints thus far seem to be:

Hopefully the FrameRate problems aren't persistent throughout the entire game,i.e Only occur in very specific and uncommon situations.

sonarus3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

I don't know why so many people fuss over frame rates. The only time i seem to notice is when i look for them and even with that, i have never found a single game that i couldn't play thru the frame rates. Unless the game was crap in the first place.

GTA4 to me has some of the worst frame rate issues even on both versions (yes i have played both). Its hard to tell which is worse without comparing side by side which i didn't do but trust eurogamer say its worse on the PS3. Once the physics gets out of hand, the frame rate chugs heavily on GTA4 but hardly anyone whines about it...why? because its still a great gaem

Superfragilistic3622d ago

Besides the frame rate issue which I hope are just symptoms of the review build, the other complaints are entirely predictable across all reviews.

- Camera
- Story
- Difficulty

And yet the original had all these same "issues" and is a benchmark in the action genre. It's a hardcore title no doubt, and that's exactly why I love it! :)

Condoleezza Rice3622d ago

My biggest issue with NG isn't the FrameRate,no,it's the Camera.

In games such as GTA4,the frame rate dipping isn't such a big issue as you can still pull off the core game play mechanics,which are;jacking a Car and driving it,shooting,and running away.But in a game like NG where timing and execution are absolutely critical to your success,you can see why hiccups and stutters during the heart of the action are a big big problem here.

Like I said,hopefully the FrameRate problems aren't persistent,if they are,then tbh I'm going to be even more disappointed.

mistertwoturbo3622d ago

"timing and execution are absolutely critical to your success"

Amen to that. A solid frame rate for me usually offers a better gaming experience. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to pull off a move but won't because the frame dips when you're trying to do it. Then of course it applies to those games that require the timing and precise movements.

For example like a fighting game, who in the hell would want to play VF5 if the frame rate stutters? It probably wouldn't be too fun.

mikeslemonade3622d ago

Pretty dissapointing when they were touting about a lock 60 frames.

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power of Green 3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

So far it seems to be far from the flop PS3 fanboys were hoping for with that score of 7".

I'd probably be looking for payback too! if I was a rabid PS3 fanboy upset looking for ways to redeem Haze or atleast saving some face.

Whoooop3622d ago

Are you prepared to comment on the "Bioshock Confirmed for the PS3"?????

At least rant about PS3 getting leftovers or something...

no??? :(


Skip_Bayless3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Only Power of Green is dumb enough to use Gametap as a reliable source for game revews.


Vito_corleone3622d ago

So far it seems to be far from the AAA-game 360 fanboys were hoping for with that score of 10".

I'd probably be looking for payback too! if I was a rabid 360 fanboy upset looking for ways to redeem NG2 or atleast saving some face.

No, not gonna sink to your level. You truly are a pathetic beast of a girl.

Hatchetforce3622d ago

I will be honest about a title, good or bad. Look at my comments concerning Haze.

That said, Gametap is not a reliable source for reviews. It is in their best financial interest to rate games high so using them as some sort of marker is absurd. For any game. NGII may be great.

I don't think I will buy it as any game that has a design flaw like the camera is purported to be would't be to my liking. It's one thing to have to work to beat a game, I don't need to be unfairly hamstrung.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3622d ago

Give it 10/10!!! ;-D It still won't stop PS3 kickin xBox 360's @ss! in sales EVERY month!!! ;-D

+Please Sir Vito_corleone;) make xBot Lemmings swim with the Fishes!!! ;-D

Vito_corleone3622d ago

If the moneys right Kutaragi, if the moneys rigt. ;)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3622d ago

I'd pay you any money you want!!! ;-D
+you can have 1st go on the PS4 i'm making!!! ;-D

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poos33622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

hahah fanboys the 360exclusive can never flopp like haze /lair /uncharted/haevenly sword, warhawk, and ,many man ymore that were average at best for the genre and also ofc they would moan at the camamra /diffulty as the 1dst ninja gaiden wasthe 1st to take it to new heigths lie what itagki did with the xbox 1 game it was revolutionary so ofc it will acore better even if its not a great game just liek halo 1 comaprd to 3 halo 3 is a much better game than halo 1 but halo 1 was the 1st and will alwys be loved same with ng2
condilca rice no 1 has mentiion the story only the troll review wich said it was not great liek any hack and slash with depth has a great story ( gow had 50% gameplay and 50person real time events but i must say i like god of war even ho ive never played the game and its not really a true hack and slash its look sliek a blast the cutscenese and not to mention i love kortos cause he is a black dude and he is bad ass but ng2 /ng1 will alwys have better gameplay than god of war

Hatchetforce3622d ago

"The camera is flawed so what?"

You are kidding, right? No of course you are not. Not in the middle of your fanatical rage. You must have 50 posts in the past 30 minutes trying to do NG Damage Control. What a joke.

The camera matters. Alot. It's like a chick with a great body and a butt ugly face. You can only do her under restricted circumstances for so long and pretty soon you just can't deal with looking at her anymore.

digger183622d ago

What I don't get is, why can the PS3 pull off a solid 60fps at 1080p in NGS and NG2 can't do a steady 30fps???

Whats the screen rez for NG2?

mesh13622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

very veyr easy bgs is an xbox game that useds last gen gameplay while ng2 as you have read in the review when you start fighting enemeis the defference is startling to sigma the amount of effwects +lighting + characters put sigma to shame sigma is very staticng2 the effects are mind blowing . but TBH YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT YOUR JUST A SONY TROLL I JUST HAD TO FEED YOU SO YOU CAN STOP CRYING FOR MORE FOOD

Hatchetforce3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Oops! Your one bubble has popped. It's like watching pogs head explode as he tries to save the SS NGII from going down, torpedoed by the submarine known as Camera and her sister ship the deadly hunter Framerate.

Mess Effect got a pass on something used to damn other games, frame rate. NGII isn't going to be that lucky. But then again, it is what Itagaki deserves for being an ass.

DC RID3R3622d ago

if you're a pu55y, this game isn't for you!

mistertwoturbo3622d ago


Anybody that can withstand Ninja Gaiden's difficulty without wanting to throw the controller at the screen gets my respect.

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