The 10 lamest game consoles, ever

Game Daily has made a list of the 10 lamest game consoles ever. Do you agree with their list?

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Donkey Slayer4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

They are smoking crack with the Saturn on there. Saturn Bomberman for the win!

jk fantools, relax your console is safe

Grown Folks Talk4328d ago

on the 32x when doom came out. i was one of those every minute suckers.

Silver Bull3t4328d ago

... They forgot the GAME.COM, ..... BASTARDS!

Arkham4328d ago

What, 4 posts now and no 360 fanboy has said "PS3" yet? What's come over this place?

BIadestarX4328d ago

but the first post "I was very suprised to see the 360 make the list" was from a PS3 fanboy. so, what does that tell you about you people?

Donkey Slayer4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

and clearly can't take a joke. Hint: I even spelled it out for you.

Unlike you, I'm a gamer and play the games for what they are. Unlike you I don't let a console dictate or blind sheepish loyalty dictate what I can or can't play.
My world is much bigger than yours. But you wouldn't know as you can't see outside the box.
Seriosly all you ever do day in and day out is whine about this and whine about that and spin everything possible in a negative tone in regards to Sony and the Playstation 3. On the other hand all you do is constantly defend MS in everything thing they do regardless if it's good or bad. In your mind your master can do no wrong. Anybody who has been here for any length of time knows this to be true of you regardless of you trying to be witty and act objective. Sadly for you people don't bite on your garbage.

Bladestar, I'm sure your a good guy. I know some people take the internet as "serious business" but try to lighten up once in a while.

Aramis0014328d ago

Donkey Slayer, if you really think that, it's you who can't take a joke.

" My world is much bigger than yours. But you wouldn't know as you can't see outside the box."

LOL! I can't tell if you're being serious or not, but if you are that's funny as hell. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. And to bladestar of all people!

If I said anything stupid, ignorant, offensive, or otherwise despicable or retarded above, please forgive me, for my mind has shut down from all the anticipation for The Game on the 18th.

Arkham4327d ago

Re: the 360 comment

You're right, my mistake. I completely missed that. He got me. ;)

I hadn't read the article by that point b/c I was shocked by the lack of anti-Sony comments.

Damn (all) fanboys.

BIadestarX4327d ago

@Donkey Slayer, relax you can't take a joke? They are just games.

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power of Green 4328d ago

You're proud of being a game troll?. Having preference for one console is bad?. Not all Adults have gaming as their number one hobby. I have plenty of friends that wouldn't touch a game console(mostly the girls i know) if it wasn't for arcade and the Xbox doubling as a JukeBox.

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