Awesome inFAMOUS: Second Son Glitch Allows You to “Make it Rain” Regardless of Weather/Time Setting

Yesterday’s inFAMOUS: Second Son patch introduced the possibility to change the time of day, but there’s one more layer of “customization” you can add, even if it probably wasn’t intended (but you never really know with Sucker Punch).

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CursedHero1464d ago

Awesome! I made it go 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

BG115791464d ago

We can have sun and rain at the same time.
So now the only thing missing are some double rainbows.

CrossingEden1464d ago

If doing this actually caused a double rainbow then it would be a confirmed easter egg and not just an odd glitch. :D

randomass1711463d ago

Double rainbows would be gorgeous in a game like this. XD

chrono12051464d ago

Don't want to beat the will be over then....:(

thehitman13981463d ago

True, but you also can play back thru it either good or bad so if you did it one way go thru it again the other way. Plus you can play the paper trails dlc which is rly awesome.

randomass1711463d ago

There's always the evil story. :)

Farsendor11464d ago

love rain and thunderstorms in games im playing this might give me a reason to start up infamous second son even though i already got the platinum

randomass1711463d ago

Pretty neat glitch. I hope it doesn't get patched out.