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Submitted by Daavpuke 588d ago | news

The Elder Scrolls Online Already 35% Off, Comes With Extra Free Bethesda Game Too

GG3 writes: "It’s too early to tell if The Elder Scrolls Online is a success or a failure, but a massive deal well within its launch period might help sway some numbers. Retailer Funstock currently has a sale for the new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game at a 35% discount." (PC, The Elder Scrolls Online)

ATi_Elite  +   588d ago
should be Free 2 play by next month. This game is such a HUGE let down compared to the greatness of Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind.

Just a Generic MMO with Elders Scroll paint.
Senyra  +   588d ago
Yep... No news there, the game has nothing special. Rather buy WildStar at least it has lots of balanced PvP.
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Grave  +   588d ago
Plus, it looks to be doing combat a bit different too.
ZodTheRipper  +   588d ago
Sorry but Wildstar looks like crap as well, the really promising MMORPGs are coming from Asia at the moment, see for yourself

Kingdom Under Fire 2

Black Desert

Hopefully they'll release here soon and show these western developers how to bring some fresh ideas into the genre.
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RebelWAC  +   588d ago
I saw a Angry Joe video of him playing a all out war battle with his clan vs another and though the idea seemed to be fun, the execution itself looked generic, dry and brings Bethesda nothing but shame imo.

WTH were they thinking...?
FalloutWanderer2077  +   588d ago
Zenimax not Bethesda. And I imagine they were thinking money,lots an lots of money.LOL. Which I believe is quite obvious when you look at 60$ plus 15$ a month price tag.

The sooner that these other games release that Bethesda is publishing, The sooner we should be getting a fallout 4 announcement & release.
:Fingers crossed:
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iNFAMOUZ1  +   588d ago
meant agree sorry
Excalibur  +   588d ago
That didn't take long.
randomass171  +   588d ago
Tell me about it. That took like no time at all.
Anthotis  +   588d ago
And so it begins...
InTheZoneAC  +   588d ago
will gladly get it for ps4 once it's free to play. Don't give me a discount, just scratch the free to play.
CerebralAssassin  +   588d ago
Im confused. You said you will gladly play once its free to play on ps4. But then you say scratch free to play. Im lost.
InTheZoneAC  +   588d ago
and you know what I meant...don't be confused lol
InTheZoneAC  +   588d ago
scratch the *pay to play*
randomass171  +   588d ago
Ugh. Worst model ever.
nerdman67  +   588d ago
Not surprised.
The betas werent super good, and my friends tell me it is generic.
kinda sad, but the series doesnt translate well into an MMO setting.
Just make the next elder scrolls have an online mode where you run around in the game with a group of friends.
Imagine skyrim or oblivion with a group of buddies, running around on the hardest difficulty, it would be a blast
hkgamer  +   588d ago

I think console gamers don't really care about MMO's.

The way to go would be to have a skyrim type game but have an online type mode where you can do quests and other things. maybe like monster hunter.
il-JumperMT  +   588d ago
Free to play in October-November. Mark my words.
randomass171  +   588d ago
Fingers crossed on that one.
matt139  +   588d ago
Not surprised. Who in their right mind would buy this trash? On top of the game purchase, you have to also pay monthly. Not to mention, the game itself is pure garbage.
RamboRabbi  +   588d ago
Not many pc gamers in this forum if you're asking for free to play. ESO won't last long if they adopt the free to play model, but console gamers wouldn't know about that, you just want an unbalanced, unsupported mess right now for free with pay to win features. WoW has already proved for many years that a subscription model is the best for active developer support and server maintanence. Hackers will also be a big problem if the ESO becomes a free to play game the list could go on.
Baka-akaB  +   588d ago
Not necessarily , it's mostly that ESO hasnt made many around here want it to be sub based unlike a few title . At least for a few people who find it subpar and generic and not worthy of the popular ip it shamelessly uses .

You dont see such strong reaction for say FFXIV RR , with console players lamenting its subs but also plenty cool or happy with it
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finito82  +   588d ago
its about time this game goes on sale
No_Limit  +   588d ago
Sorry, still no buy, saving my $15 bucks a month for real next gen games.
randomass171  +   588d ago
Octodad comes out pretty soon. :D
beatled  +   588d ago
the game itself is pretty standard mmo fare, fun with some good friends/family, 10x better than any mmo available on ps3/360 like that awful dc online etc....its a decent mmo

but the graphics....that's another story

the way this game looks and runs on pc will NEVER happen on ps4 or xbox1

its not even possible to run a game of this caliber of visual fidelity with so many players even in lowly console like res of 900p

let alone a high quality pc res of 1440p, 1600p etc.

look at those visuals and realize the xbox1/ps4 will NEVER, EVER be capable of that, not even in nasty 900p

let alone the sheer beauty of 2k-4k gaming
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Baka-akaB  +   588d ago
Most likely . Still i'd flaunt something else instead like Star Citizen.. The game is generic , the animations are horrible , and the artstyle is an acquired taste . I find it bland looking and armors got this painted on look, except for helmet, shoulder pads and some belt wear .

It's more technically advanced with its use of depth of field , ambient occlusion , lightning , pretty much every Skyrim didnt get on dx9 without mods , but looks miles uglier , art direction considered , than something older like Guild Wars 2 or a few asian mmos imo .

Better realistic scenery wont change that for me
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