Make it a (Virtual) Reality: The Last Of Us

It’s the humans you’ve got to look out for. Yes, the Clickers are terrifying, and you certainly won’t forget that last encounter as one desperately scrambled to dig its teeth into your cheek, giving you a front row seat to its twisted, disfigured infected skin as you tried to push it off. But now, as you’re ducked behind a desk with a group of psychopaths hunting for your blood, you realise who the real enemy is. You hold your breath and grip the metal pole in your hand even harder as you hear glass crunch under a foot just inches away. You look across to Ellie, her eyes meeting yours as she holds back the panic. You take a deep breath, and come up swinging.

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ZILLA1462d ago

Take this game online!it ONLINE INSANITY!!

inmusicutrust1462d ago

The most intense, heart pounding gaming experience I had ever played. Love love love the online. There is nothing like being the last man standing when you are stocked with bombs and Molotovs.

AgentSmithPS41461d ago

I hope they bring this to VR eventually with a reasonable upgrade fee for those that have already bought it.

Skate-AK1461d ago

This game would be crazy in VR.