ESO Item Dupe Bug Gives Exploiters Millions, Apparently a Fix is Out

The ESO item dupe bug has been a troublesome concern of many since the past few days. People have been exploiting glitches in the game to benefit in terms of item duplication for quite some time now. In fact it has been so ever since the game was launched officially on April 4, 2014.

What actually happens is that through the ESO item dupe bug in question, people can deposit an item in the Guild Bank and withdraw the item for virtually infinite times. It is as simple as that.

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Panaru1495d ago

A bug? In a Bethesda game? Nawwwwww. No way.

Ghost_Nappa1495d ago

Bethesda has nothing to do with eso, itsd eveloped by zenimax media.

Anthotis1495d ago

Zenimax being the parent company of Bugthesda, so we should expect no less.

Yep, the Elder Scrolls games continue to live up to their buggy reputation of being released too soon. Only this time, there will be no excuses not to fix the bugs and abandon the game after a year or so like they always have been, as there is a monthly fee which requires the game to be constantly worked on.

Personally, i don't think the parent company of Bugthesda can handle the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance of a game anymore than Bugthesda themselves.

Skate-AK1494d ago

Sad thing is that they banned everyone that did it. It was their fault that it was in the game.