Item duplicate bug devastates Elder Scrolls Online economy

A bug that allows players to make duplicates of items has hit The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s reportedly having a devastating effect on the economy of the MMO.

Apparently the bug has been known to certain players since the game’s launch, meaning that some are already walking around in full sets of ‘Legendary’ armour. “Gold is already worthless after a week,” states one Reddit user, in a thread discussing the impact of the bug.

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Magicite830d ago

This game is a flop.
Now prove me wrong.

porkChop830d ago

Last time I checked, Bethesda isn't involved with the game in any way. It was developed by Zenimax Online.

Farsendor1830d ago

everything about this game screams f2p

choujij830d ago


I love the Elder Scrolls series, but that's too funny.

Rockefellow830d ago

Man, a full server reset would be absolutely insane to do. I guess it's better to do it closer to launch than months down the road, bit either way the PR would be absolutely malicious.

Can someone tell me if it's possible to spend real money to buy in-game cash? If so... lol. How embarrassing.

Cobra951830d ago

If it's possible to buy play money with real money, then I'm glad this happened.

osborn2009830d ago

Anyone else remember doing this in Oblivion? =)

Ace Killa 08830d ago

Supposedly this got fixed already. Which is a fast response by the devs!

GameSpawn830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

According to the article it's "fixed" in the fact that the banks have been disabled so you cannot begin doing the exploit. However disabling the banks has an adverse effect on legitimate things, so no the problem has not been fixed until the banks are re-enabled and the exploit is completely fixed.

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