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If Titanfall Couldn't Put Xbox One Past The PS4, What Will?

Titanfall was the #1 title in the US in March, but the Xbox One still couldn't pass the PlayStation 4. What would Microsoft need to vault over Sony? (PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

corvusmd  +   346d ago
Titanfall was just one game, it's a great game, but it won't do it by itself. In general the biggest issue is still fighting the $100 difference. A price drop might make things more interesting. However, if the DX12 and cloud do just a fraction of what was demo'd and MS keeps lining up exclusives like it looks like...it'll get really interesting. However, both consoles just need to play their own game, it's nice to have competition, but as a gamer, I want it to stay close and neither console dominate.
Bruce_Wayne  +   346d ago
Price is not a big factor as you all might might think. It's their reputation. Free Titanfall + $450 price tag didn't give Xbox One lead. It's silly to think price is the most significant reason. People haven't forgotten the flabbergasting, ridiculous E3 fiasco.
Kingthrash360  +   346d ago
yeah, they need a time machine to fix this.
randomass171  +   346d ago
Considering Xbox Live, that's still arguably just as if not more expensive than a PS4 with a game.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   345d ago

You do know you need PS+ to play multiplayer games and thats not free right? And how is it more expensive? Xbox Live + a game is almost same price as PS+ + a game (depending on where you get your subscription from).

And TF is just 1 game. I don't think EITHER system has a game that's a system seller. Your buying a system for ALL the games. Right now, multiplatform games look better on PS4 and the PS4 is cheaper.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   346d ago
I don't think TF release never attended to pass the PS4 just boosts its sells.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   346d ago
I don't understand the disagree besides fanboys who else said TF was gonna boost the X1's sales pass PS4's?

That's wishful thinking at its finest everyone.
Why o why  +   346d ago
C'mon now, thats one of their goals, not make it surpass the ps4 in overall number but at least to 'win' the month. Some of the more ardent xbox fans and some of the more level headed ones believed titanfall was going to make that difference. What we've noticed was its never just 1 game that achieves massive jumps. I always believed halo would have more of an affect than titanfall. Other factors are stunting the x1's growth, one of them being the ps4.
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OpieWinston  +   346d ago
It's N4G, Stealth disagrees are infamous here.
torchic  +   346d ago
what will DX12 & Cloud do that is so amazing? tiny CPU gains? "cloud features" that were available almost two generations ago? (like how Drivetars are a complete rip off of ghosts on Tekken: Dark Resurrection)?

those two won't help. the only way Microsoft can beat Sony this gen is if Sony gets complacent and pulls a Microsoft and completely deserts their core audience.
Tsar4ever  +   345d ago
To answer this blog title, maybe it will be YOUTUBE VIDEO SHARING, that will put Xb1 over the Ps4.

SYKE!! just messing.

But seriously, why is Sony being so vague about giving journalist a straight answer to why YT video sharing wasn't allowed on Ps4 but is okay with all the other video sharing services. Maybe it has something to do with what the devs don't what people seeing too much of their games content before release, and or why Adam Sessler abruptly leaving gaming journalizm. Somehow I belive these factors connect.
GamersHeaven  +   346d ago
Kinectless bundle is Microsofts only option at this point I expect to see one at E3 bundled with Halo.
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GiggMan  +   346d ago
I thought a kinectless bundle was out of the question at first. Now I'm not so sure. At first MS was pushing Kinect to be an intergral part of X1 games but it hasn't been. It's pretty cool for the OS and voice commands but that's about it.

There aren't any notable games that require Kinect (except rivals) like MS said there would be. I'd happily pay $300 for a kinectless X1 ($350 tops). Couldn't care less about voice commands.
OpieWinston  +   346d ago
Microsoft only option is to go down the AAA gaming path.

Taking a page from Sony and building more AAA First Party Studios to diversify the genres and give all gamers an incentive to buy their platform.

It's all about Games, not graphics...not price...not peripherals. GAMES will sell consoles. Hype dies down but if they have a stable variety of AAA games they'll be able to shorten the gap.

PS4 will always sell more due to the Worldwide market advantage towards both.

Kinectless Bundles would just be backstabbing all the current consumers. Phil Spencer has already stated that they don't want to betray their fanbase or insult them anymore.
randomass171  +   346d ago
No game can win a console war on its own. It would take a lot of work on Microsoft's part to achieve a feat like that.
stuna1  +   346d ago
Truthfully I don't think the Xbox1 will ever pass the PS4, it just doesn't have the worldwide brand recognition! Microsoft have drastically limited it's selling potential on just what's available in the U.S as opposed to other countries in the world.

With the monetary backing behind a company such as Microsoft, they could have definitely splurged a little more as far as the hardware was concerned! Especially knowing the financial position Sony has been in, but I'll tell you exactly what Microsoft was thinking; they were thinking the same thing that Nintendo, and the majority of the industry as well as most gamers from all platforms!? Sony would not be able to put out a competent powerful console in a feasible timeframe! Guess who got the drop on all parties involved???

Gaming wise, having games like Gears of War, Halo, Forza Horizon etc. etc, are considered heavy hitters for the Xbox brand, they practically offer nothing at this point in time, because there are no concrete release dates! Which in the grand scheme of things offers little substance to negate the ever widening sales gap that will be most likely be sizably bigger by the time those titles start to release.

To some resolution and frame rates matter little, but to a lot they matter quite a bit, especially if they have the equipment to utilize the benefits of those differences. With one console showing an affinity to have the better fidelity when it come to multiconsole titles as well as a stable of 1st party developed titles that perform better on a consistent basis, it pretty obvious which party is going to win in that head to head!

Not forgoing the fact that Microsoft has left a bitter taste in a lot of gamers mouths by their past actions, and some things are hard to move past.
MightyNoX  +   346d ago
Putting aside everything you've listed (not disagreeing, I'm going somewhere with this), you have to also consider how their strategy is laughable.

They've released all their exclusives early this year, they have nothing for the rest of the year whilst Sony has Watchdog bundles, Destiny bundles, PS Now Beta, Destiny early access and more exclusives.

Microsoft should have taken a look at their game release schedule and strategized better. It's like they're playing marbles against Sony's chess making moves.
stuna1  +   345d ago
I don't see how anyone could disagree with you, you're exactly right! Microsoft has had to come up with a entirely new strategy on the fly, because their initial plans were dashed to bits after the unveiling.

Everything they planned had to be re-evaluated, from the console itself to the games played on said console. Release schedules and online infrastructure, updates all these things had to be reprioritized on the fly.
Bowzabub  +   346d ago
Well, of course Halo will sell big. Them boys love Halo.
Bruce_Wayne  +   346d ago
But will Halo sell systems, or will it sell within the ones who already own the Xbone?
randomass171  +   346d ago
Halo is a pretty big franchise. That one will probably move consoles in some capacity.
Bowzabub  +   346d ago
I would have to think so. I would imagine that there will be bundles and/or limited editions. Yeah, I have to believe it will. That's kind of like asking if GT7 will move PS4s. I myself am not a Halo fan, but the fan base is undeniably huge. The best thing to happen for Sony was Bungie coming over with Destiny. Time will tell I guess.
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LightofDarkness  +   346d ago
I personally won't be buying one until Halo drops. Hopefully by then it will have much more to offer and a lower price tag to boot. I'd love to get Killer Instinct and Forza, but not for €500.
aaron5829  +   346d ago
next halo is their best bet. if halo cant do it... xbox1 never will. that being said... i nevet played halo... and dont plan to...
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The_Infected  +   346d ago
Short answer. Nothing. Sony has a ton of 1st party games coming sooner than later, they have a great price point, and they have gamers trust. They also have The Last of Us Remastered coming very soon and Driveclub. Then they have Playstation Now and further out Morpheous.
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randomass171  +   346d ago
well, that definitely generates appeal with fans and general gamers. But it mostly boils down to having stellar hardware for developers and fantastic public relations. That and their primary competition royally screwed up the SKU and PR.
GreenRanger  +   346d ago
They need to realize that the majority of people don't want Kinect.
Broburger  +   346d ago
a price drop or by ditching the kinect
Ank666  +   346d ago
I doubt cutting price & kinnect will do any good
It was $450 & TitanFall was free for whole of march

That makes it $400 with!! Kinnect
$350 without kinnect is a much worse deal,that thing costs more then $100

Xbox is just doing fine just that PS4 has totally & unexpectidy turned into a fastest selling gaming phenomenon since release

Also no matter how much M$ PR twists things up with cloud,ESram,directX or any other secret sauce

PS4 is & will remain graphically superior to XBone
Every third party wants PS4 version to be out as lead platform

I already have PS4 & playing TitanFall on 360
& some of my friends are just regretting the $500 purchase just for TitanFall
akraven  +   346d ago
The only way I think ms can turn this around is if they make a xbox1.5 . Something that can do 60fps and 1080p without any problems.
VaporCell  +   343d ago
Are you on crack. We talking plaussible stuff here...
bornsinner  +   346d ago
gears of war
removing kinect
smaller design
make it cheaper to £300
make games hit 1080p
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Gunstar75  +   346d ago
The PS4 is available in many, many more territories than the XB1 is. This has to be a factor.
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NeloAnjelo  +   346d ago
Where was this argument when the 360 came a full year before the PS3?

The PS3's worldwide sales still eventually outsold the 360, even though a year later.

But everyone ignores this, until it suits their argument. Sure its a factor, but the fact is even in the markets that MS have launched in, the PS4 is still outselling it... even the US (MS's home turf)
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akraven  +   346d ago
maybe but we're talking millions of ps4's sold over the xb1.
Gunstar75  +   345d ago
Lol @ disagrees!!! sure, the number of markets you are available in has nothing to do with sales potential..hehehehehehe
Hicken  +   345d ago
Not as much as you want to imply when the majority of those markets contribute minimal sales.

Why do you all cling to this stupid argument?
madpuppy  +   346d ago
I find it interesting that anyone would think that Titanfall was going to sell enough Xbone consoles to surpass the meteoric rise of PS4 sales.
urwifeminder  +   346d ago
Nothing and I am cool with that as long as I play top games I will be one happy gamer , never have sales determined how much enjoyment I have had during a console generation in the old days I had no idea how they sold .
brich233  +   346d ago
Im gen5 in Titanfall and its cool but gets boring quick now after playing it for a month. I like gears of war 3 much better, things are more personal and theres much more teabagging lol.
deadie  +   346d ago
Im still waiting for an official apology from the mess that MS tried to force upon us last year.

Until then (if id ever consider one) - xbox is a no go for me.
madpuppy  +   345d ago
You a smarter consumer than most, my friend. Ms tried to take away the right to own what you buy. You would have to be a fool to buy anything from MS without written assurances that they won't force it upon their customer base when it reaches a point that they will have their customers trapped. Ms is not known for being customer friendly and will screw you if they feel that they can get away with it.

Micorsoft runs it's divisions like a giant carnivorous
pitcher plant. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
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SixtyNine  +   346d ago
isn't it obvious? People are waiting for games. I guess not enough people wanted Titanfall despite selling very well. Like myself, I'm not ready to buy any new gen hardware till there are enough games I want. There are millions more like me.

The PS4 is selling based on it's brand alone. . There's hardly any games to play on it at the moment. The playstation brand is an older and probably bigger brand. Those who got PS1-3 will automatically consider PS4. It's like a tradition.

The Xbox is home to blockbuster software titles that move units (you already know them, I don't even have to mention them). Do you expect one of those blockbuster titles to release so early in the life-cycle? It's like what, 5 months in? And we're already declaring winners and losers. Folks, get way too excited :D.
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DanteVFenris666  +   345d ago
I like your argument, but the xboxs brand became huge last gen. If it was based on brand xbox should be selling more in USA. Also both consoles are home to blockbuster titles, just playstation usually has less generic ones, all xbox biggest titles are shooters generic ones at that. Though the reason games like halo are heard about more is Microsoft like to throw money away at huge amounts of marketing while Sony is pathetic in that region. I'm bored of shooters. Honestly multiplats seem to be my favourite games. I liked infamous, but sony need more teams on the open world and rpg idea. Only multi plays do it so those are the best blockbusters in my opinion. Also sony has three mmos that look amazing h1z1, Everquest next and the already released dcuo
BX81  +   346d ago
Just stay the course. Keep pumping out great gaming experiences . They already have recovered a little from the initial screw up. When word of mouth gets around about the solid console with great games people will come around.
lemoncake  +   346d ago
In the long run it will probably be close. Both consoles will have a nice amount of exclusive games come end of the generation, at which point most gamers will own both of them.
KNWS  +   346d ago
Titanfall been available on pc doesnt help. Exclusive games have to remain on xb1 only
ThichQuangDuck  +   345d ago
Titanfall wasn't a killer app.... Regardless of it was on PC or not it was not all it was made out to be. More success on what worked rather than trying a whole lot new that stretched the xbox one far. Halo will be what brings some to Xbox One or Gears,but not due to it not being on PC,but rather due to the community of Xbox Live and the games being made from the ground up with Xbox One strengths and weaknesses in mind
Thatlalala  +   345d ago

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