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Major Nelson On March NPD: "This Is a Marathon Not a Sprint," We Know What "We Need To Do"

GearNuke: "As NPD results for March 2014 were released, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson on reddit and Twitter, shared his thoughts on the PS4 lead in March." (Major Nelson, PS4, Xbox One)

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yewles1  +   105d ago
"This Is a Marathon Not a Sprint,"

Deja Vu?
Alan_Shore  +   105d ago | Well said
This e3 should be a good one MS are gonna go full blast cause really all they can rely on now is games. Sony are gonna expect MS to go full out so there gonna be going hard arghhhh E3 run at me.
georgeenoob  +   105d ago
This could only mean one thing. More Titanfalls to come.

This is what I love about MS, they're in this to win, no matter what the cost. PS4 outselling X1 will only make MS stronger. Show us what you got MS!

Sony will probably get lazy and take no risks since they don't need to and are financially unstable. Maybe that's why they're focusing so much on indies right now.
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RATEDAFORADULT  +   105d ago | Well said
Ah yes, MS will show multiple highly questionable/vague cloud demos in a perfect environment/conditions and will leave the entire audience hanging with questions for the months to follow. Can’t wait!
-Foxtrot  +   105d ago
I think they'll go all out with games this year to impress gamers, try to win our trust then if they've got what they've wanted then that's it. If they've gained enough sales which pleases them this year they'll go back to their original vision as people would of already bought their system.

It's like the 360, first few years were great, then Kinect came out and it went to crap in my opinion.
ShinMaster  +   105d ago | Well said
A $400 Xbox 360 couldn't beat a $600 PS3 in the end.

What makes people think Xbox One is going to beat the PS4?
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-Foxtrot   105d ago | Off topic | show
Anarki  +   105d ago
They say that when they decided to release their previous generation console ahead of their competition to secure console sales.
christocolus  +   105d ago

“We know what we need to do”..goose bumps. Sounds like a mafia boss all out for blood. Lol.

MS will amaze here on out..starting from E3 its going to be huge announcements and surprises. Phil spencer and Nadella came just at the right time.

MS knows the NPD numbers weren't in their favor, they know a lot of gamers are still doubting their commitment and they definitly need to change all this..that said E3 will be bloody and if Nadella is as interested in the division as he claims to be then Im guessing a lot more will be invested to make things right. More studios, new games and bigger and better third party deals..

That aside congrats to the xbox team. They doing a great job so far...sonys npd was great too. Hats off to them.


Stop living in the past..you keep making the same old statement in every xbox article , don't you get tired of it? People learn to move on.If you&certain others don't like the xbox one then fine,dnt get it but pls move on and stop sounding like a broken record in every xbox article i.e “ you just watch and see Ms will go back to their old ways" , “there won't be games“, “Phil is all PR he doesn't mean what he says"..you need to stop.

Sony/PS was once run by Howard stringer and Ken kutaragi, they left and in came Kaz&Shu(a new era)..MS/xbox was once run by Ballmer and Don Mattrick but its now Nadella and Spencer..Dude things change..and just like most gamers I'm excited about the great things the new team will do for the brand..
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ShwankyShpanky  +   105d ago | Well said
"More Titanfalls to come..."

...on PS4.
Joey_Leone  +   105d ago
This E3 is going to be interesting.
majiebeast  +   105d ago
Lol ye and what console still have exclusives coming to it. Its certainly not the 360. Good luck trying to win a marathon against Sony something that both Sega and Nintendo couldnt do.
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No_Limit  +   105d ago
A win for everyone, except rapid single console owning fanboys that want to see other consoles fail so they can feed their egos. Move, counter move due to competition can only mean good things. Glad I own both consoles at my disposal and not have to worry about" But...my console "sold-through" more than yours".
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qu1ckset  +   105d ago

Actually the $400 xbox 360 was crushing the $600 PS3 which is why sony reduced the price to $299 and then sony start catching up and finally beating the 360
TheDarpaChief  +   105d ago
@georgenoob you're serious right now? Jesus h Christ I think dsp is more intelligent than you.
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-Foxtrot  +   105d ago | Well said
@ christocolus


You call me out for saying the same things yet you say the same crap defending them. I mean what a hyprocrite you are, no one calls you out as a user yet you feel the need to be an ass and do it to them...does it bother you that much. Oh and here we go...the "EVERY article" exaggerated bullcrap....YAWN

How can I as a gamer just forget what Microsoft tried to do, they tried to screw us all over and change the industry which would of sent a ripple effect out to other companies if we all sat there and took it. Hell you were probably one of the ones defending them at the time.

Honestly man what is wrong with you guys, you hate peoples opinions that you feel the need to attack the user. I may not like Microsofts slimy ways but I dont call you out and attack you for your opinions. So please don't tell someone to stop, obviously you care too much about peoples opinions if your acting like that trying to silence them.

Oh by the way Howard and Ken we're not as bad as the people at Microsoft last year.
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UltraNova  +   104d ago

Man seriously they bitch you bitch and the shit keeps rolling meanwhile on planet Earth you're all missing the point. Enough with the bitching dude, let it go!

You said that MS will come hard on us with games games games at E3, effectively getting the gamers on their side.

Ok but..

Dont you think the only thing Sony needs to do is the same and stop MS in their tracks? If Sony cant do it with all those 1st party studios and major indie support how the hell will MS do it?
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ShinMaster  +   104d ago
@ qu1ckset

They didn't just drop the PS3 from $600 to $299 over night. It went down to $500, then $400 over the years. But guess what, the Xbox 360 also dropped in price a few times. So what's your point?

360 had more sales initially because the PS3 launched a whole year later and when the PS3 launched, the 360 had sold almost 9 million units by then, but the PS3 SOLD FASTER than the 360, which is why that 9 mil gap was closed.
Kayant  +   104d ago

"Sony will probably get lazy and take no risks since they don't need to and are financially unstable." - Loooool sure they will get lazy. People all signs point to that /s. You really think Sony is going to be lazy becoming lazy with their PS division - "Sony Computer Entertainment isn’t allowed to fail anymore with PS4, because the game business for Sony is a “Core” (business) that embodies a fusion of both hardware and software."


"Maybe that's why they're focusing so much on indies right now." - Hmmmm maybe because indies are coming to them and they are providing a front for them and putting their games out there. You doing it like MS has any major exclusives coming out in 3+ months. When the time comes like MS they will reveal their hand.
badz149  +   104d ago
@Major Nelson

Can't you flip the switch with this one? Enlighten us please...LoL!

And yeah, could you please use your own original sentence next time? plus this sentence is used if you're steadily gaining on the leader but your Xbone is still falling behind further!
gaffyh  +   104d ago
@gerogeenoob - Comments like that make me think that the story about MS paying people to post good things about them is true. I mean seriously, nobody can be that delusional.

On topic - They're even saying the same stuff Sony was saying early on in PS3 cycle.
assdan  +   104d ago
Didn't they say this before? Because to me, it looks like PS4 can run a marathon at a higher speed than the xbox one can sprint.
scootscottskeet93   104d ago | Personal attack | show
OrangePowerz  +   105d ago
Don't know what you mean. MS only releases that statement every month since November :D
PudgeySan   105d ago | Trolling | show
GuruMeditation  +   104d ago
It is a bit surreal though. I mean, it's a valid statement, but maybe not repeat it quite so often. More "Occasional Motivator" than "Alzheimers Parrot".
stuna1  +   105d ago
"This is a Marathon not a Sprint"! Wha..what I'm not in a Playstation article????

The fact that there's spinning going on leads one to believe they are not at all confident they can win that Marathon! I can't imagine how the investors are taking this!? Most knew TitanFall was going to sell pretty well, but not at the pace some of the commenters were predicting. I've heard some go as far as saying that TitanFall was going to move as many as 1.5 to 2 million consoles, and this was even before it released.

The fact that TitanFall didn't move a large amount of Xbox1 as some projected should be room for some to take pause and view things objectively.
TheoreticalParticle  +   105d ago
"This is a marathon, not a sprint."

Then why in God's name did you sprint to get the damn thing out the door?

I don't know any successful marathon runners that haul ass for the first mile, and then crawl for the next 12, before resuming a normal pace.

Put your console out when you're ready to support it, and let it coast at a SOLID level instead of a shitty one.
Tony-A  +   104d ago
Funny how I saw the link to this article as "Major Nelson on March NPD: "Th..."

Before even clicking the article, I said out loud "Bet it says 'This is a Marathon, Not a sprint."

BAM, nailed it lol. So predictable.
GTgamer  +   105d ago
I like your style Major Nelson Say what Sony says and everything is gonna be alright (•ิ_•ิ)
Bathyj  +   105d ago
A marathon they're losing.

The deference between now and when Sony first said those lines was Ps3 was always selling quicker than X360, thus, the gap started shrinking the day it launched.

This time Sony is still selling quicker but without starting late.

I predicted before launch ps4 would get an early lead and if it did, Xbone would be starring at it's dust all gen. Without a drastic turn if events I don't see my prediction not happening.
MysticStrummer  +   105d ago
PS4 simply has too much going for it.
otherZinc  +   105d ago
@Major Nelson,

Just make sure Halo Next is released November 2014!

Also, don't listen to these dumb@ss podcasters talking about a...
Campaign isn't needed:
Campaign Co-op isn't needed:
Horde Mode isn't needed:!
It's Needed!
Tell Respawn don't make this mistake for part 2!

The world doesn't revolve around friggin Online!
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FarEastOrient  +   105d ago
Rumors are:

H5 is 2015
H2 anniversary is 2014
AngelicIceDiamond  +   105d ago
"If you watch the interview I did with Phil – he was pretty clear on what we need to do and that focus on games."

But last summer, and the last part of last generation it was all about the entertainment with apps and TV.

I know he works for MS and he's just going with the strides (and checks) I know he can't help it but come on that particular PR is insulting considering what he was saying last summer.

But I do believe this is a a marathon not a sprint, realistically.
dmitrijs88  +   104d ago
Marathon means, that PS4 will gain more and more lead and eventually X720 will fall behind too much to ever catch up.
Gamer1982  +   104d ago
Its gonna be interesting as MS never been behind Sony in the last generation until right at the end when Sony beat them past the finish line and then it didn't really matter as MS made a crap load of money and allies (and probably enemies). But now lets see if there as good as Sony at coming back. Sony was able to thanks to amazing first party studios and the PS brand name that people knew and loved for 2 generations before them something MS doesn't have as much (the xbox brand name is big but not as big as PS worldwide)
Farsendor1  +   104d ago
ms can turn things around but will be a hard long painful road, sony and nintendo know that and they both made comebacks. ms should be able to make a comeback with the x1. maybe no on the same scale as the ps3 but a comeback
GamersHeaven  +   105d ago
More like a stomping.
merciless  +   105d ago
Nelson's tag line was "have you seen titanfall?" And to be honest yes, yes I did. But then I saw Infamous!
yankolo  +   105d ago
Chill guys just play TF...KI..enjoy
SegaGamer  +   105d ago | Well said
This guy is just a yes man to Microsoft. He doesn't tell you anything significant, he just says what Microsoft want him to say. He's pointless.
Zombro  +   105d ago
Well I agree if microsoft starts pumping out must have games it's definitly not over especially with those deep deep pockets. I'm enjoying titanfall very Much keep them coming btw it's already a success
Ra3030  +   105d ago
Any must have games that they could pump out would be at the soonest a year away. Maybe they could do a Halo 2 anniversary game but I'm not really sure that would be a must have. Anyway TitanFall was that must have game. Microsoft told us all TitanFall was going to change everything, TitanFall is the Call of Duty Killer and on and on and for 9 months we heard nothing else. The X1 Cable Box is in trouble and I'm not sure they have an out other than to sell. Even if the removed the kinect and dropped the price to as low as $350 would make a difference? If they did that Sony would respond with a similar move and it being the more powerful console things wound not change. Add to that Microsoft can only win in the USA and UK the rest of the planet is belongs to Sony. Maybe it's time to lower the sales bar and shoot for that instead of selling more consoles than Sony. Phil Spencer and the Major both say " we know what we need to do" . Well so far what they've done has not worked. Game giveaway and price drop bundles didn't work so what's next?
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OrangePowerz  +   105d ago
Well they had a one year lead over the PS3 and Sony screwing up the PR and many othes and they couldn't outsell the PS4. The mist hyped game in years couldn't push them past the PS4 so I'm not sure what they could deliver that makes a lot of people think the need an X1.

They have deep pockets, but the more Sony pulls away the harder it will get for MS to get exclusives. If you have a new IP you want to sell it to as many people as possible because you will make other games in the future. You don't want to risk the future of a franchise by going with the smaller install base. I don't think it was smart by EA to make TF exclusive and butchering sales hugely. Even if they make future TF games for the Playstation there is a good chance that it would be less popular there because of the first one not coming out. So they potentially sacrificed long term sales and success of the franchise.
weirdo  +   105d ago
tell it to the judge
pakua  +   105d ago
Guaranteed, this will become a hotbed for fanboys to start bashing on Microsoft again and then they shall retaliate AGAIN. You've made an article around a few quotes because you know it will stir up those Sony fanboys that are rife on here.
ShwankyShpanky  +   105d ago
"Retaliate" with what, exactly? Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't languish in a stockroom after being "sold-in to retailers."
Silly gameAr  +   104d ago
Actually, what I'm hoping is they don't start pumping out bucks to keep games off of the other systems and calling them exclusives, but something tells me that's exactly what they're going to do.
Chevalier  +   104d ago
I got a bunch in my backroom at work languishing as we speak. We sell 3-4 PS4 for each Xbone sold, expect that ratio to change dramatically as our Titanfall bundle is gone.
PaperMan  +   104d ago
@Silly gameAr

That would be good for X1 owners, no?
Silly gameAr  +   104d ago
And bad for gaming in general.
PaperMan  +   104d ago
So MS should worry about gaming in general instead of giving people who buy their product more.

I understand your point and agree to an extend but I wouldn't blame MS. If they have the resources to do so, why not.
Silly gameAr  +   104d ago
Well, it would be different if it was something first party that MS and their studios built from the ground up. I'm talking more about 3rd party content that MS buys out so it won't make it to other consoles.

In my opinion, things like that are bad for gaming. It's kind of a dirty way to play. That's all I'm saying. Not a dig at X1 owners or anything like that.
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Speak_da_Truth  +   105d ago
No Major Douche its not a sprint its called STOMPING LOL Hahahahahah ps4 is KING #Dealwithit
Alan_Shore  +   105d ago
Look how you talk and you have the stupidity to say he is a douche? Haha
Speak_da_Truth  +   105d ago
LOL I can feel the buthurt flow through you and its only gonna get worse because like i said "the ps4 is KING" #Dealwithit
choujij  +   105d ago
Doesn't make what he said any less true though. :P
SpinalRemains138  +   105d ago
In fairness, the man is a douche.
gamertk421  +   105d ago
It's said people chemically fall in love with their consoles when they become diehard fanboys. This guy is a bona fide Cerny stalker, lol
MysticStrummer  +   105d ago
Even if a douche calls a douche a douche, the douche is still a douche.
ThanatosDMC  +   104d ago
Nelson is a douche. Watch the Angry Joe interview.
osprey19  +   105d ago
This ladies and gentlemen, is a fanboy.
osprey19  +   105d ago
not sure if sincere, or sarcasm?.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   105d ago
@ osprey19

I posted that with the highest level of sincerity sir.
randomass171  +   105d ago
Major Nelson is not what I would call a douche. :/ Probably not the greatest statement to make, but not douchey. Chill dude.
goldwyncq  +   105d ago
Posts like these is why N4G is seen as the fanboy-infested joke of a site that it is.
jairusmonillas  +   105d ago
How can an overpriced and a 40% weaker system even be considered a competition to PS4? lol
cyhm3112  +   105d ago
it is actually larger than 40%, the GPU alone in PS4 in real life performance is a bit stronger than a R7 265 which is around 70% more powerful than the GPU in xbox one which is a bit stronger than a 7770, if you take into account of the 3 times faster RAM, double ROP, it is much more faster than the 40% you have mentioned.
Castle333  +   104d ago
but but but but, kinect is worth the extra $100 all the best games are kinect exclusives.
ScareFactor  +   104d ago
Games on both don't go any higher that 1080p 60fps so the power is not as big of a deal as you think
DigitalRaptor  +   104d ago
Games can run as high as he hardware allows.

I'm going to educate you a little bit.

Why do we push for more detail in our games? Why do we strive for 1080/60fps? For immersion and better gameplay experiences.

One console will push for VR, which has a much MUCH greater sense of presence than simply looking at a 1080p display in your living room. The PS4 was designed to be strong enough to support VR, cause that kind of experience and requirements are quite rigorous on the hardware.

The Xbone may do VR, but it will do it poorly, as Kinect can only track a higher resolution at a lower frame rate cap of 30fps, and they cheaped out on the hardware. The PS4's camera can track up to 120fps at a lower resolution, and coupled with the significantly better hardware will provide true VR experiences, for the IMMERSION we as gamers and devs as creators strive for.
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M-M  +   105d ago
Worst PR ever lol.
ape007  +   105d ago
i have an Xbox one, im loving it but i said it before and i'll say it again, Mandatory Kinect is Retarded
-Foxtrot  +   105d ago
Everytime people say mandatory I think of this

randomass171  +   105d ago
Wait, the Kinect isn't mandatory. When I used my friend's it was unplugged the entire time. :/


Ah, I gotcha. Yeah that definitely is a problem. Should have made it optional like the first Kinect.
#11.2 (Edited 105d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Lowsnamebrand  +   105d ago
Meaning mandatory in the box ie if you buy and xbone and don't want the kinect you still get it
Blackleg-sanji  +   105d ago
sometimes i wish microsoft would just stop with the pr....just blow minds at e3 dang
choujij  +   105d ago
We heard you the first time. lol That damage control.
#13 (Edited 105d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   105d ago
I heard em the first time when Sony said it.
DigitalRaptor  +   104d ago
Nailed it!
BitbyDeath  +   105d ago
"We Know What We Need To Do"

Looks like they are left with no choice but to unbundle Kinect. Massive pricedrop coming to E3.
randomass171  +   105d ago
I expect a Kinect-less SKU as well, but only for $100 less. Significant drop but probably not massive. A MASSIVE drop would be $200 and higher.
SliceOfTruth888  +   105d ago
I am with Sony because I am a gamer and they are the only ones who treat the community like gamers they listen to everything we want. I have the best FPS available in killzone, the best platformer that destroys anything Mario in the past 20 years in knack, I have a revolutionary game in second son which took next Gen to leveled that has NEVER before been seen, tons of free to play games that nobody even cared about until Sony made the gamers see the light and the playstation network provides me with insane performance on the abundance of online multiplayer games that are currently available.....

and what does Microsoft have? No games at all. They have a fighting game that nobodys ever heard of called killer instinct, a fps that can't even touch the quality and fun of killzone called titanfall, this stupid zombie game called dead rising I hear it has co op but that's so 2000 late, RYSE? Please Sony would never come out with a generic game like that ever and peggle 2 nobody even wants puzzle games. Powerstar golf uhh I think Sony showed that nobody wants to play a new hot shots because they know what we want and plants vs zombies what is this a cellphone?

the bottom line is Sony is the best and when e3 comes and they show us not just games but EVERY SINGLE GAME we have been begging for Xbox will be completely finished
pakua  +   105d ago
LOL what the hell did I just read?! Best FPS Killzone? Best Platform game that destorys Mario that is Knack? I sincerely hope you are trolling. You've just blown my mind with your stupidity
MrKrispy  +   105d ago
i think he's gone off his medication
osprey19  +   105d ago
The fanboyism on this site is incredible! Slating everything Microsoft and praising everything Sony is crazy, if Microsoft were anywhere near as bad as u say, they wouldn't have sold anywhere near the amount of consoles they have, i knw ps4 is selling crazily well. But its selling in more territories.
and on the game front, r u forgetting that (in pure technical terms) the best looking game graphically is an xbox one exclusive?
i think e3 will blow everyone away both xb1 and ps4 owners alike, and we will all walk away happy. Cant u just leave it at that? No u have to be a fanboy and leave rationality behind.
Lowsnamebrand  +   105d ago
I think that was covert trolling on sony at least that's how I read it
zeuanimals  +   104d ago
Every other comment from him has been very pro-Xbox. He's trolling.
CrossingEden  +   105d ago
You think that Killzone is the best fps available? Um, not only are there tons of great last gen shooters out there, including the past killzone games which were more fun, but there's also next gen shooters that are better, like BF4(when it works) and Titanfall. And did you REALLY just say that Knack is better than
-supermario 3d world
-supermario galaxy 1/2
Wow if your post is sincere and not sarcasm then i've legitimately lost faith in this site.
Back-to-Back  +   104d ago
BF4 made me lol
MasterCornholio  +   104d ago
Read his comment history.

Hint: He's not a playstation fan. He's merely trying to make playstation owners look bad with his comments.

I'm surprised none of you saw this yet.
#16.4 (Edited 104d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheRealHeisenberg  +   105d ago
Drop the price below $400...quickly.
RiPPn  +   105d ago
They basically already have with the $450 plus titanfall plus a year of live, that is like $330 and it didn't help. Now with no AAA exclusives coming until the fall and the PS4 getting MLB The Show, Transistor, Watch Dogs (best console version), The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny Beta, how is Microsoft going to compete with that? An E3 where they promise games that are 2 years out like last year? Microsoft is in trouble.
#17.1 (Edited 105d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Blackleg-sanji  +   105d ago
xbox one $350, no kinect, with titanfall(physical copy so i can trade it in) bundle comin at you during e3
#18 (Edited 105d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
-Foxtrot  +   105d ago
Remove Kinect because if you remove Kinect and then slash the price...THEN I can get one.
randomass171  +   105d ago
Likewise. Even I have to admit that I can't spend that much on an Xbox One with such a price tag knowing that Kinect is what makes it so expensive.


I'm betting a cheaper Kinect-less SKU by the holidays will come out. Microsoft would be dumb not to do it.
#19.1 (Edited 105d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
-Foxtrot  +   105d ago
The thing is at ASDA where I work it's £349.99, the same price as a PS4. Thats £100 slashed off in just 5 months.

Now thats good right? Wrong....because even with Titanfall included I'll still feel like it's expensive because I would be paying for something in the box, Kinect, that I will NEVER use.

I'll always have that little voice in my head going "You could of gotten that cheaper if it didn't have Kinect included....look at it.....it's just sitting their gathering dust".
jmac53  +   105d ago
Spin me right round, right round yeah!
BX81  +   105d ago
Can't wait for e3
Gore-Content  +   105d ago
"A marathon, not a sprint." Something M$ has learned from their competitor during last gen.
0pie  +   105d ago
hahaha i like how microsoft change the rules for themselves.
Castle333  +   104d ago
They couldnt even come up with a different analogy. they better bring it at e3.
psuedo  +   105d ago
It might be a marathon, but still when you're last place in a marathon your chances of catching up to the lead narrow.
Kakashi Hatake  +   105d ago
Moneyhat? Cripple competition?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   104d ago
remove Kinect
Master-H  +   105d ago
I guess they haven't seen Titanfall lulz
The_devils_chum  +   105d ago
Hello damage control. Thats what they say to the jig laying down on the mat bleeding. They say "slow down son this is a marathon not a race"
Silly gameAr  +   105d ago
a marathon not a sprint? That sounds so familiar.
PaperMan  +   104d ago
Yep both companies have said this before...

kingdom18  +   105d ago
We heard this before did we not?
Flamingweazel  +   104d ago
Ms is screwed then no one does the long console game better then sony, ms doesn't have the word brand power and first party to compete.
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