‘Revamped’ In-Game Battlelog Coming to Battlefield 4 on Consoles, Now Live on PC

MP1st - DICE’s development team behind Battlefield 4‘s social, stat-tracking service says new improvements are coming to the in-game iteration of the Battlelog on all platforms.

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Detoxx1434d ago

I'm getting so sick of these comments.. Ain't that part of fixing the game?

angelsx1434d ago

Come down Botoxx.What about they fix first rubber banding,freezing,net code,crashing and disconecting from the servers?I can go on . . . Coz that's what i'm experience every time on ps4.I don't give a f... For Revamped

Insomnia_841433d ago

Seriously! At first it was understandable but after a couple of updates the game has been running fine on this side. I don't experience any of the things some people complain about here. I truly believe they need better internet connection.

AgentSmithPS41433d ago

Maybe you're in love with BF4 ;)? I bought BF4 for the 64 player CQ etc, having quality servers with no rubber banding is the MOST important thing of all. ea/dice are greedy and/or incompetent, these "improvements/distraction s" might be good but the majority of people bought the game to be able to have fun playing it. (PS4)

Copen1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Actually no it's not. This is ADDING more stuff to an already broken game which is night and day from actually fixing the game then bringing out extra stuff.

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Detoxx1434d ago

I'm playing on PS4 right now and it's working fine.

bmf73641434d ago

Rubberbanding really only affects me when someone does the big levolution events on Naval Strike, or Lancang Dam. This is for PC and PS4 for me.

TearsOfARapper1433d ago

Maybe you need a better connection Angel, it works perfectly fine on my PS4. As I mention below, only the Naval Strike servers are a bit rough which they've already said they're working on.

Farsendor11434d ago

something will be broken, dice they fix a bug and something else bugs out or breaks.

angelsx1434d ago

So if something is broken don't fix it!Dice device.

TearsOfARapper1434d ago

The game works perfectly fine. The only issue I have is in the Naval Assault servers, besides that, I've experienced no problems.

I hope this improved Battlelog will let us tweak our loadouts outside a match. I hate wasting time in a match messing with loadouts and miss being able to do it right off the in-game menu.

Detoxx1434d ago

Would be a great addition to the game.