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Graham Banas: MLB 14 The Show is this year’s entry in the long running and highly respected baseball series from Sony’s own San Diego studio.

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finito821339d ago

this really looks good on ps4 though.

thejigisup1339d ago

I think the reviewer should maybe clear up in his article that he was reviewing the ps3 version which from my understanding will appear underwhelming next to the next gen version. I haven't heard our seen anything about character clipping yet. Good review though. I'm not a Baseball fan but I'll be checking this one out definitely.

ovnipc1339d ago

The game looks ok. But nothing wow. Well baseball sucks in general. Now futball its a diferent story. If ps would make a game esclusive futbol messi and other giant will be great a grwat motive to buy the ps4.

Ultr1339d ago

Well If you don't like the sport I don't see how you can ever judge the game.
Its like a non-racing fan reviewing GT.

3-4-51338d ago

It's the PS3 version.