Were football games more fun before FIFA?

Those of us old enough to remember gaming in the 80s and 90s recollect a time when FIFA didn’t dominate as a variety of different football games seemed to be released every year. So were football games more fun before FIFA took over? Well, it’s hard to answer as for every classic, there was an utter abomination. To prove the point, here are three of the best retro football games... and three of the worst.

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Grindlefly1430d ago

What lets fifa down is the online - total garbage, but its the people playing not the game

Every match I play im against either Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern and the opposing player always quits when they are losing

gphunk1429d ago

and how about the pausing mid attack? pausing doesn't belong online but they could have added a timer to make it fair, or only allow pausing during dead ball situations.

yezz1429d ago

Games have become more realistic and technical which is great but it comes with a price. The simplicity of the old games is what made them fun.

Those old sports games or a shooters were unrealistic but simple and you knew that, so the annoyance levels weren't so high if something strange happened. Now you play BF4 or FIFA 14 and every single thing that isn't realistic will probably annoy you because you feel cheated. We will always demand more and more...

Pogmathoin1429d ago

SWOS was incredibly addictive.... Kick off was simplistic brilliance....

TKCMuzzer1429d ago

Loved Kick Off 2, first game had for my Amiga. SWOS still stands as the most addictive football game to date and possibly one of the most addictive games in general, simple, great controls and fun.

mcstorm1429d ago

I agree I still have my Amiga 32 and pull swos out every now and again. I do miss some of the simple fun games we dont see any more. SWOS, Worms, Sensible golf, Xtype, Speedball, james pond and many more part of the reason I have kept my Amiga although Nintendo have don a great job with some of the classics on the Wiiu like new super Mario and donkey Kong.

lfc_4eva1429d ago


Yep KO2 was the boy. Never really got the huge love for SWOS though. I always felt KO2 on the Amiga500 was pure arcade style action. It was fun, fast and a total blast.

Budobear1429d ago

I hated sensible soccer with a passion but only because my Brother would always beat me at it. Speedball 2 was my game!

iceman061429d ago

I used to play a game called was pretty bad, BUT you could juggle the ball on your head for the entire length of the bad...yet so good! LOL

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