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For Discussion: Is Titanfall Dead?

Despite being a great game, the hype surrounding Respawn’s new shooter has been winding down.

Brooke Rothschild asks the question…Is Titanfall Dead?

In this episode we take a look at the general decline of Titanfall and what can be done to bring some of that hype back.

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CharlesDCI1338d ago
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corvusmd1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Huh? What is this based on? Just random speculation or the natural decline of interest that ALL games go through? Did they check Amazon where the Titanfall CONSOLE is selling better than Infamous right now?

Either way, I still love this game and play it all the time, and even when I was going through infamous (which was a good game too), all I wanted to do was go back to Titanfall. It's not for everyone of course, no game will be. However, judging by how many people are always playing this game, I'd say it's not even close to slowing down yet compared to other games. I notice the trend between people that don't like it and those that do is pretty much down to if you're good at it or not.

Kingthrash3601338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

titanfall is a fun game...but its a bore after about an hour. needs way more content. but dead? no, not until they shut down servers...people still play codmw2. but everyone i know who has it...including my son are bored of it.

pedrof931338d ago

Titanfall is in PC, X360 and X1.

morganfell1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Consider that on the US Bestseller list at Gamestop right now, the X1 is not even in the top 50 items. Something to think over when Titanfall is supposed to be a system seller.

Also, dead is a subjective term. It does not require a company shutting down servers for a title to be deemed as dead.

randomass1711337d ago

More content? It's got a bunch of maps and modes in it. In fact it has more in it at launch than Left 4 Dead did when it first came out.

georgeenoob1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )


As if you've played the game. If you find Titanfall boring then either something is wrong with you or you hate multiplayer games.

Titanfall is the reason people with both consoles keep saying their PS4 sits in the closet. So tell me, what is there on PS4 right now that is keeping gamers playing? Infamous? A 10-12 hour game? Hmmm. Maybe Call of duty or Battlefield? Lol, I dare any PS gamer to play ONE game of Titanfall and try playing battlefield or CoD. It just doesn't happen.

This is how you know Titanfall's good, when N4G bashes the same MS exclusive 24/7 long after release, as if it's a way to keep themselves from being insecure.

No_Limit1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

@morganfell ,

"Consider that on the US Bestseller list at Gamestop right now, the X1 is not even in the top 50 items. Something to think over when Titanfall is supposed to be a system seller. "

That is because the Titanfall XB1 bundle has been sold out online at Gamestop for weeks now. How can it be charted when it is not available and can be purchase elsewhere?

Also, The Titanfall Collector edition is the best selling game on Gamestop too. How do you explain that?

Eonjay1337d ago

I think its safe to say that its not a COD killer. Even if it sells, its being crushed under the burden of its own hype. Activision and Bungie are about to go to town on EA.

Boody-Bandit1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

I sent it back to GameFly a week ago and stopped playing it weeks before I sent it back. I'm just not a fan. Severely over rated and WAY TOO mainstream. Respawn seriously needs to step their game up if they want to continue this series as their leading franchise. Bot farming is a joke to the hardcore. I want all human combatants. Not brain dead grunts. There is zero skill involved in this title. ZERO!

XBL - BoodyBandit
^included because you can see I rock on XBL on a daily. I'm just keeping it real. The only people that will find fault with my comments aren't gamers to begin with.

Deividas1337d ago

Played it on my PC for about 4 hours total. And have not touched it since, fun for a first few times and to show off to a friend but to actually play it all the time. Hell no. Boring. Luckily I just bought a Russian origin key for cheap :p

UnbiasedOpinions1337d ago

Titanfall is not dead, the game was released and there is nothing to talk about now, that's it, same thing with every other game unless they add DLC or a Patch, but fanboys will eat this up even though they don't play the game and have no idea of the state the Titanfall community is in

pedrof931337d ago


It's a shooter, I'm bought it to my Pc because it wasn't demanding, and I keep getting back to BF4 on PS4, the game is fun, but it's not like what you make it sound. This isn't a Halo game, there is no forge mode or deep customization. It's just a "even more" fast paced cod with mechs. To be honest I like BF4 more than this. But both games have their own value.

morganfell1337d ago

@No limit? Did I say the Titanfall bundle? No. I said the X1. There are people still buying Titanfall. What other big titles does MS have between now and the holidays? Oh, that is right. And your less expensive game is being outsold by a console. And your console is being outsold by last gen consoles.

You can't read a simple term such as X1, can you. You couldn't even see the difference between X1 and X1 Titanfall buindle and therefore I can no longer waste time with you as 15 seconds to read a remark by you is 15 seconds of my life wasted. Here, you can have the ignore button.

PONTIAC08G8GT1337d ago

Any game, the hype dies down after some time. Game is over a month old. What do you want, TF articles daily? COD died down after a couple weeks.

And please, don't try the "everyone I know is bored of it." There is a reason why it's still #1 selling game. I'm seeing new people on it daily. A bore after an hour? HAHA good one! I'm sure infamous is a blast for hours and days right?

tommygunzII1337d ago

That is definitely Brutallyhonest. Keep it real :)

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iamnsuperman1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

" Did they check Amazon where the Titanfall CONSOLE is selling better than Infamous right now? "
Well that depends where you look. US no (non bundle PS4 is there), UK yes (I wonder if you checked Amazon)

OT: Probably not. It is an FPS after all. That tends to be the genre with the greatest legs (even more so since there aren't many FPS on next gen consoles)

randomass1711337d ago

Still though, it IS a new IP. A multiplayer-centric new IP.

DragonKnight1337d ago

Stop comparing Titanfall and Infamous. They two are completely different games with completely different audiences.

randomass1711337d ago

^This. Both games are great, but they're in totally genres. They're not comparable at all.

Utalkin2me1337d ago

Sorry i have to disagree about both being great games. Stop playing on the fence.

Boody-Bandit1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

I disagree.

I don't find TitanFall to be a great game. It's not pushing or expanding the genre in any way. The graphics are average with okay performance. The game is way too mainstream and is catering towards lesser skilled gamers to try and appeal to a wider audience. No single player campaign, not enough weapon diversity, in need of customization and over all the game just felt rushed and unpolished.

The only appeal to me was the ability to go vertical (wall running, etc) and Titans in general are cool but the game became boring rapidly for most FPS fans I know. No matter how well you played you were going to get a Titan a couple times per round and it was the same thing over and over again every round. Farm grunts and wait for your Titan to fall.

On my XBL friends list 12 people picked it up. I haven't seen any of them playing TF online the past couple weeks. They have moved on to other X1 games or are playing 360 titles. I asked most of them why they moved on and to get their overall feedback on the game. With everyone it was the same response. It was fun at 1st but it's just not to their liking for an FPS game. All of them said it was a game for the "nowadays gamer" (in other words noobs and mainstream audience) and only fun in short burst when you get on with a few friends in a party. Everyone of the guys I talked to are FPS vets. Meaning they have been playing shooters since their inception.

I myself had GammeFly send me TitanFall. I plugged away at it for a couple weeks but after the first couple days I was already bored. I kept putting in time here and there over the next couple weeks trying to see if it would grow on me. The more I played it the more I didn't care for it. It's not a bad game at all. It's a neat concept but needs more depth, polish and variety (online modes and an SP with a good story).

Hopefully they will implement these changes into TitanFall 2. Than maybe it will be a great game.

PONTIAC08G8GT1337d ago


Please explain how infamous expanding the genre? A character with super powers. That's revolutionary but since it's pretty, thats what makes it amazing right? And please, stop acting like single player is such a big deal.

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otherZinc1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Let this be an example that a true "SINGLE PLAYER" is needed!

I bought TitanFall, BUT, won't buy TitanFall 2 without a SINGLE PLAYER & friggin HORDE MODE!

DefenderOfDoom21337d ago

@Pontic08.. TITANFALL not having a single player campaign may not be a big deal to you - But what about all the kids who told their parents to buy TITANFALL not knowing you need internet to play it! At the GIANT BOMB panel at PAX EAST last weekend a GAMESTOP manager from the mid south USA said, he gets at least 2 TITANFALL returns everyday, because you can not play TITANFALL offline ! Not even a LAN mode for the military ! That is why i am waiting for a big price drop, before i buy TITANFALL new for the 360 ! I believe TITANFALL 2 will have a campaign , and then i will fork over the full 60 dollars ! Think about it ! How many triple AAA consule games are MULTIPLAYER only . HARDLY ANY ! But think about all the CAMPAIGN triple AAA titles they have no MULTIPLAYER ! There a lot those that sell well and they get GAME of the YEAR AWARDS every year!!!

Skankinruby1337d ago

Lol the titanfall 'console' is selling at the same price as the stock one, in other words titanfall is being given away for FREE. And these are being counted as game sales, which is the only thing more pathetic than the completely empty hype they so desperately tried to fuel it with. But again......nice try

Kribwalker1337d ago

Knack says hello in japanese

brich2331337d ago

the game is boring, get over it. I'm gen5 and would rather play gears 3 and teabag other players for entertainment.

Rickgrimes951337d ago

No suprise it's selling better then infamous multiplayer shooters always sell better then single player games. I don't play titanfall anymore I still play infamous

snipes1011337d ago

It's because it's an XB/Windows exclusive. Everyone loves to hate on them. Infamous: Second Son hasn't exactly been making waves since its release and no one's calling that "dead." The same goes for Killzone: Shadowfall. Whoever says this site isn't full of Sony fan boys is full of crap.

MY honest opinion? This is one of the few online games that I've actually had fun with. I'm usually a single-player only kind of guy.

Blaze9291337d ago

if Titanfall is "dead" by now, inFamous Second Son must be burred.

Castle3331337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

infamous is not an online multiplayer game

The_HarryEtTubMan1337d ago

Morganfell, I'm a huge PS4/PC fan, but you're an annoying blow hard and always have been.

Chevalier1337d ago


Irony you ask for a basis to argue and mention speculation then suggest we look at amazon which updates hourly and shows no numbers. You personally think it's not slowing down is also baseless and pure speculation on your part so calling out baseless speculation when your doing the exact same is idiotic at best. It's you versus another's opinion

Honestly we should all just post how many people we see playing Titanfall as proof, that works logically speaking right?

What's your PSN name? Since you claim to own both systems.

ITPython1337d ago

Most people aren't buying the TF XB1 bundle because of TF, they are buying it because in most cases it is cheaper than the standalone XB1, plus they can turn around and sell the game new on eBay for $40-$50 or so.

buttclown1337d ago

People are willing to pay for a digital copy of Titanfall over ebay?

ITPython1336d ago

You bet! People sell codes for things on ebay, Amazon etc all the time. In fact it is generally better than a physical copy cause they get the codes instantly (via email) instead of waiting for something to ship.

Head over to ebay and search for "Titanfall digital" and check out all the results. Plenty of voucher codes from the TF XB1 bundle are being sold for around $45-$50.

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Dlacy13g1338d ago

Answer to question posed by author: No.

SpiralTear1338d ago

If it was dead, we wouldn't be talking about it.

badz1491337d ago

We still talk about Shenmue every once ina while too and guess what, it's basically dead.

DigitalRaptor1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

The hype is dead that's for sure.

But in reality lots of people will continue playing it, just like CoD. Not as many as CoD, but still lots. Now that the hype has hit the floor, we can see the game naked and see that it's not what it was talked to be.

Notice though, that a ton of Titanfall talk recently has been questioning whether it's as good as hype, whether it does anything new, whether it's innovative, whether the cloud helped its performance, whether its flaws and lack of content were truly recognised. The answers to all these questions lean towards "no".

randomass1711337d ago

How can Titanfall be dead? It made number one in the US according to the NPD. :/ Are we really allowing doom and gloom articles for games now?