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Warp Zoned writes:

"Hyper Light Drifter exploded on the Kickstarter scene back in September of last year, eventually destroying its goal of $27,000. By the time the campaign ended on October 12, it had amassed an impressive $645,158 from backers. The game looked incredible, and I kicked it the moment I saw it. I was wary, as I have been about games on Kickstarter for some time – it’s more common to be excited about a game and have it arrive, months (sometimes over a year) later, and be a disappointing mess. But after playing Hyper Light Drifter at PAX East, I can say with confidence that this is one game that’s going to live up to how amazing it looks."

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MAULxx1700d ago

Hyper Light Drifter is one of my most anticipated games for PS4. I mean Im going to play Wolfenstein TNO (my kind of fps) & Destiny but this seems so unique in one of my favorite genres, action RPG.

geekwithtanlines1699d ago

It is seriously worth it!! I was worried it wouldn't be good (as sometimes Kickstarter games tend to be), but WOW. It's everything you dreamed of, and then more. :)

Meatyboy1699d ago

I don't care that some people say getting hyped for games is bad and could disappoint you, i personally love getting hyped and would even say its almost part of the experience

But with this game im getting quite obsessed! With that incredible art style and with great music from disasterpeace this game is looking to be fantastic. It reminds me of why i play games and what they're capable of doing. Putting you in a world and making you feel immersed to a point in which no other form of media can achieve.

Kinda cheesy outburst but i just bloody love games! ;)