7 million PS4s sold... but who is winning the console war?

Sony have announced the sale of the 7 millionth Playstation 4. Impressive stuff - but how does that stack up against the Xbox One?

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Eonjay1702d ago

Sony. PlayStation is winning the console war. Microsoft doesn't have any offical numbers beyond the 3 million in January so by default, Sony is winning. Its not even because it sold more (even though it did). Its winning because there is nothing official to compare it to.

pedrof931702d ago

Xbox One dosen't have a single exclusive coming in te next 4 months. And no one even mentions it.

Tony-A1702d ago

I don't think the sales gap that the PS4 continues to extend on the XBO is even the most satisfying to Sony right now.

I think the biggest "damn right" moment for them comes from the utter silence coming out of the Microsoft camp.

After trash-talking all last generation and even saying that they'll "kill Sony" at E3 last year (which they obviously didn't - opposite, in fact), they're the ones lagging behind.

No talk of exclusives
No talk of sales figures
No talk of killing Sony


When was the last time they even spoke about how much they sold? It's like they're leaving it up to third parties to take a guess. Meanwhile, Sony announces 7 million units sold a month after they just announced over 6 million units sold.

user87907951701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Microsoft's silence is telling.

They have been completely silent about Xbox One sales for the entire year so far. The only real number we have is 3 million sold at the start of 2014.

And Titanfall was the game that was claimed to save the Xbox One from bombing in the market, yet Microsoft has been completely silent on its sales. Sales have to be horrible if they have been giving the game away in desperation bundles and they still haven't been able to come up with a press release spinning the numbers in some positive way.

We are seeing the Xbox return to its natural installed base size after being massively inflated by tens of millions of consoles with the RRoD plagued Xbox 360. A console that once again is almost entirely reliant on US and UK sales to sustain it.

The Xbox One has been averaging about 200k consoles a month in the US. And the PS4 has been outselling the Xbox One 5 to 1 across Europe with only the UK adding 20 to 30k a month.

With numbers that bad for the Xbox One it is heading to first Xbox installed base numbers.

The Xbox One was at 3 million sold at the start of 2014. And it has only sold 150k and 250k in the first two months of the year. Add in a tiny amount from the UK and almost nothing from the rest of Europe and the Xbox One is only around 3.6 million or so worldwide before NPD hits today.

The PS4 is selling 1 million consoles a month.
The Xbox One is only selling 250k consoles a month.

Even if Microsoft had some miraculous improvement in US sales this past month they would still be getting destroyed by Sony in sales and rapidly falling further and further behind in installed base.

GameNameFame1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

NPD just got released. PS4 outsold X1 in their best market. Even after free bundling and unofficial price cut. $450 comes with free Forza 5 and Titanfall.

so 450-60-60=$330 and still losing big on sales? Sales gap widening?

lol.Btw MS figure was shipped with 0.8 mil sitting on shelves.

georgeenoob1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


But it still has more exclusives, so what's your point?

Surprisingly, no one here works at Sony but they boast sales as if they're CEO. What gamers SHOULD care about is games, which is the department X1 is currently dominating, hence this article.


Why would I be? X1 gamers have games, and PS gamers have sales figures. So while all the PS gamers are on n4g talking numbers, I'm having fun playing Titanfall.

reko1701d ago


are you upset? LOL

randomass1711701d ago

I know PS4 has a lot of indie support coming its way. Are there any upcoming first party stuff other than Second Son this year? Xbox One will struggle without that and third party ports will probably continue to be at lower resolutions for a while, if not the rest of the generation.

TomShoe1701d ago

You'd think the one who's selling more is winning the war...

Muerte24941701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Doing a little math here.
3 million sold to consumer by December 31st, 2013
900k was sitting in the retail chain @ the beginning of 2014

(In the US alone based off NPD)Jan/Feb/March (Q1)
Microsoft has sold to consumer 712,000 Xbox Ones.
This is over a period of 13 weeks
712k/13 = 54.76/week (so let's just say 55)

Now this is assuming the other 12 market's are averaging 20k/week

75k/13 = only 975k Xbox Ones sold to consumbers

This is backed up by the fact that in 3 months worldwide Microsoft only shipped 1.1 million to retailers. 3.9 + 1.1 = 5 million shipped

Sony selling at least 930k a month to consumers

now take Microsoft's 975k/3= 325k/month worldwide and compare it to Sony's 930k/month worldwide and it's nearly a 3:1 ratio.

I'm being seriously generous because I don't think those other 12 markets are bringing in 20k/week.
1.1 million /3 is only 370k/month shipped. This means Microsoft has yet to pass 4.million sold to consumers. Which makes sense why they're using shipped instead of sold to consumer.

* USA accounts for around 60% of Xbox360 total hardware LTD

zeuanimals1701d ago


"Why would I be? X1 gamers have games, and PS gamers have sales figures. So while all the PS gamers are on n4g talking numbers, I'm having fun playing Titanfall."

Says the guy who's on N4G and not playing Titanfall.

"Surprisingly, no one here works at Sony but they boast sales as if they're CEO. What gamers SHOULD care about is games, which is the department X1 is currently dominating, hence this article."

You know... You really shouldn't say stuff like this, especially because N4G allows us to check the post history of users, and boy, your post history is full of you boasting about 360 sales and saying the PS3 only wins in Japan, which is untrue because it also won in Europe.

BattleAxe1701d ago

Steam is winning the console war.

zerog1701d ago

@georgenoob. Guess you ignored the part where sony announced over 20 million games sold as well. Hell even vgchartz has software sales listed at a little over 12 mil for x1 and over 15 mil for ps4. I have 9 games on ps4 not counting the free plus games or indies so ot doesn't seem bad at all to me.

ShwankyShpanky1701d ago

Georgenoob: "herrr... PS4 haz no gaemz1!"


PS4 attach rate: 2.93
XBO attach rate: 2.9

<mind blown>

Kryptix1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


"But it still has more exclusives, so what's your point?"

Xbox One doesn't have more exclusives & what's going to strike you even more is that currently, there's more announced exclusives coming for the PS4.

"Surprisingly, no one here works at Sony but they boast sales as if they're CEO. What gamers SHOULD care about is games, which is the department X1 is currently dominating, hence this article."

When it comes to Sony, more consoles sold equals more games. Didn't you know that when both, the PS1 and PS2 dominated back in the day? Even the PS3 had more exclusives than the other consoles once it picked up it's pace.

"Why would I be? X1 gamers have games, and PS gamers have sales figures. So while all the PS gamers are on n4g talking numbers, I'm having fun playing Titanfall."

So how are you here then? If you're having fun playing Titanfall, who's typing your comment? lol

Just give in to your secret urges and get a PS4 already. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Bennibop1701d ago

@george if x1 has so many exclusives why do you spend all your time on here defending it rather than playing them? Your argument was valid at launch but it is not any more ps4 has more games and more aaa exclusives (titanfall and pvz are not exclusives.) I own both x1 and ps4 and my x1 is gathering dust since titanfall launch (which was over hyped and is average at best) and the situation is going to get worse as there are no major exclusives releasing over the next 4-5 months and very few indies to pad out the wait. I regret buying x1 ( which I believe is wide spread problem by the large availability of used x1s in every game shop I walk in) as there is nothing that exciting on the horizon at this point, hopefully e3 we will see new stuff but probably for 2015.

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GTgamer1701d ago

Feels like the PS2 Vs The Original Xbox all over again and we all how that ended (•ิ_•ิ).

darthv721701d ago

more like PS1 vs saturn all over again. And yes we still know how that ended.

Zombro1701d ago

Um it's really not a war btw

SpinalRemains1381701d ago

Yes.....yes it is.

Cola wars, console wars and burger wars are all real.

UltraNova1701d ago

And pretty tasty I might add?

Zombro1700d ago

Actually I'm winning this war I have two allies

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iamnsuperman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Essentially its Sony because they have clawed back the market share they lost with the last generation. The US now has a small difference between the two and this is a huge victory for Sony especially since it managed to keep Europe with a healthy proportion of the market. The US (and in part the UK) were a key region for Microsoft with the 360 (in the US the 360 sold roughly double what the PS3 did)

Beastforlifenoob1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


1.) Had the Best 1st party support (Last of Us being the most awarded game in history, uncharted , Little big planet, GRan turismo, Metal Gear, beyond, heavy rain, God of war, Killzone, Resistance, Ratchet, etc, etc)

2.) No shit*y red ring of death that gave 360 its slightly larger number (it had a failure rate of about 30%)

3.) Ps3 was far, far more expensive,

4.) PS3 Was first console to have Blu-ray support.

5.) Ps3 launched later than 360 and launched a year later in most of the world.

6.) Ps3 had Free online and PS+ wasnt a ripoff

Sony has been winning since PS1 all the way to PS4.
Anyone who disputes this is a BLATANT AND UTTER troll/fanboy/noob/idiot/psycho /moron/mentally challenged/fuc*head

SilentNegotiator1701d ago

He said lost market share, not just "lost"

iamnsuperman1701d ago

Like SilentNegotiator said:

I didn't say they lost. I said they lost a big market share since their previous console especially in America where the 360 sold, not quite but nearly, twice as much as the PS3. Things have now changed with the PS4 and Xbox One selling roughly the same amount but what Sony has is a huge market share in Europe

marloc_x1701d ago

back under YOUR bridge noob..

Thunderhawkxbox1701d ago

What is a point of winning if u don't make money out of it Sony keep selling everything they got to keep their playstation and their devs give it another year or more they will get rid off most of 1st party devs too and Microsoft doesn't care about Xbox one if it's gonna lose or not they got enough money to buy Sony 10 times

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FITgamer1702d ago

Pretty lame article, also funny how he thinks "...the Xbox One has narrowed the gap..". Maybe they put a tiny dent in the US gap for March, but WW the gap is still steadily growing.

bcrazy181701d ago

I'm guessing you've forgotten that the ps4 is being sold in a ton more countries than the Xbox one currently... I'm sure you took that into account already. They're trying to get the languages set for each country before they release and once they do, the gap will shrink... Now will it be a huge shrink, maybe not right away but over time after they start selling it in more and more counties, the gap will shrink.

choujij1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

That's right, keep telling yourself that. I'm sure countries like Chile, Switzerland and Portugal are just waiting to eat up the Xbone.

Contrary to what you may think, I believe it's going to be pretty much DOA, since they're going to be showing up nearly a year later with a less powerful machine (and probably still costing more).

ABizzel11701d ago


The gap will shrink for like the first month maybe, and then sales will drop off, and the gap will be back on the rise to where it once was.

PlayStation DOMINATES, every other region. Every generation Sony has won RoW sales by a wide margin, with the last gen being the closest. But even with the PS3 being the most expensive console on the market it still went on to win RoW with 11.4m sold, then Wii with 9.3m sold, then 360 with 7.9m sold. That's a 3.5m console advantage in Sony's favor being the more even though it was the more expensive console.

There's little to nothing launching in more regions is going to do for XBO. It'll give them a quick launch boost for the first month, and then sales will drop off. It will be nice because it picks up their numbers, but it'll still be outsold WW, and the sales gap will still be increasing, just not as drastically as it is now.

hellzsupernova1701d ago

lets look at the real facts though. The Xbox One is out in every country that matters. You have all the major gaming nations expect Japan on the list. How many sales do you expect will come out of the smaller regions? even combined it wouldnt be a million.
The major areas are USA, Europe and Australia, Sony is winning in all three and thats all that matters, not Ecuador or Chile or any smaller gaming nation they dont matter in the grand scheme of things.

SpinalRemains1381701d ago

Yeah the lead will shrink to 10 million by Jan 2015 lol.

McScroggz1701d ago

I think you overestimate the Xbox's global presence in Europe outside of England. Technically you are right, once the Xbox One is being sold in more countries there are more potential sales; but it's unlikely it's enough to make a significant impact in the overall data.

ShwankyShpanky1701d ago

"once they do, the gap will shrink."

Man... You b crazy.

bcrazy181701d ago

You guys are missing my point, chill... The Xbox isn't being sold in Japan or China right now.... Those are two pretty big markets am I right? Not saying the demand is the same for Xbox as it is for the ps4 because it clearly isn't but the gap will shrink.. did I say by how much, no... So get off my ass about me giving my own opinion on the matter. Once they release the major exclusives like halo, quantum break, gears of war, sunset overdrive, etc... That will also help the sales increase.

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TheRealHeisenberg1702d ago

The winner is and always will be the multi-console owner, you know the one that has no hate towards any of the companies and gets to experience all the games. <sigh> This is N4G and sadly I know how it goes here.

Tony-A1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Que "We Are The World"


TheRealHeisenberg1701d ago

Yep, just as I thought. I'm right really gets tiring.

gigoran1701d ago

Tiring? If you are fed up with people on n4g then why come here? You're complaining about the comments you expect, then brag about being right when you get them. You have nobody to blame but yourself for coming here when you know you hate it. So... congratulations on trolling yourself?

BX811701d ago

True. I don't get it. It's like they are so blind with loyalty to a brand that they don't realize the great gaming experiences that they are missing out on.

randomass1711701d ago

I remember writing a blog about the issue lol. It doesn't matter who's in the lead. Both are making better numbers and us consumers are getting lots of fun content from the competition. It's not a big deal, but the race is interesting to observe.

ShwankyShpanky1701d ago

Or perhaps, just perhaps, they don't see the need under the current conditions for two consoles, or see the value proposition in footing two subscriptions.

And OMG, I've now gone two generations (a gen and a half?) not playing any Nintendo franchises. How will I ever survive not having "experienced" every game?

BX811701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

@ shawshank
I appreciate your well thought out response. I didn't state gamers must own all consoles. I simply stated that having only one or the other means that you will be missing out on excellent gaming experiences. I don't have a wii u but I understand that I'm missing out on what Nintendo has to offer. No where did I state you NEED to own all the consoles.

Lol I just saw your name. I really thought it was shawshank @ 1st. Damn good movie.

Chevalier1701d ago

Is the current economic situation so good families can own both? Didn't think the U.S. was there just yet.

BX811701d ago

Not sure if that's a snide question or a real inquiry?

I'll approach it as a genuine question though. It depends where you live/education/ job. I think it's just like other places. It was rough for a while but that's life.

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HeWhoWalks1701d ago

But your view here is pointless, since the article is speaking on sales terms. What the "multi-console" owner has is an entirely different matter.

Thus, you may be right about "more games/more consoles = more to gain", but in regards to market-share, the PS4 (and Sony) are "winning".

Sci0n1701d ago

you don't have to buy a console not worth buying to be deemed a winner in the gaming world. Nor do you have to buy every console now and days to be deemed a true gamer when 90% of games on one console is multiplats and 60% on the other is multiplats with a 40% boost of quality exclusives. Back in the days owning a sega to play sonic was worth it, owning a nintendo to play mario was worth it and owning a PS1 to play crash was worth it. Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rysing and forza aren't real system selling gems. Halo without bungie is just a title/name that microsoft kept. Destiny will be a way better game then halo. Bungie Over 343 studios. With multiplats being the main criteria now and the PS4 having the highest res and better multiplat version there is no reason to own a X1.

DefenderOfDoom21701d ago

I am buying a PS4 in AUGUST and my first game i am playing is RESOGUN because i played DEFENDER in the arcade back in 1980 which freakin blew my mind!!! And became really good at it . And is known for being the first hardcore video game. Although it cost me about 50 dollars in quarters to get good at it! {thanks to my newspaper route} The reason for my reply to your post is because you mentioned BUNGIE . I am picking up a three60 on the cheap, just to play HALO ODST, HALO REACH, METRO 20thirtythree and QUAKE 4 campaigns ! Then i will pick up TITANFALL for three60 , when i can score NEW for under thirty dollars. By the way the reason i keep typing out "three" is because my "three key" is broken on my keyboard.

hellzsupernova1701d ago

If it is that taxing on you, you could leave and never come back.....
But I agree with you. I am currently a no console owner, just my old laptop and a vita. I own a ps3 but it is in a box currently.

SpinalRemains1381701d ago

Try and get a PS4 if you can. I cannot stress enough how amazing remote play is. Playing a next Gen game on your Vita will blow you away.

cannon88001701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


I sense a little narcissist in you...

madpuppy1701d ago


Take your "smug" and create a web site called self-righteous-multi-consoleow Then you and all your multi-console owning brethren can have a circle-jerk about how much better you are than everybody else.

If I wanted to I could buy a Xbone...but, I will not support companies that are anti-consumer.

TheRealHeisenberg1700d ago

Yep and damn, I am right again.

madpuppy1700d ago

not right, just a smug idiot. you think your neutral but, your just an asinine self-righteous elitist troll.

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Kayant1702d ago

Seriously this is a question.... Sales wise it's not even a debate but we will see in a few hours if MS has reached/pasted their shipped numbers (3.9m) from march.

"so slightly less (but interestingly, they say that Microsoft still ended up with more cash because of the higher price of their console)." - At this point they're not making as much as they would due to XB1 costing more to make without including kinect in the equation and adding the bundles MS have been doing for a while now.

"According to The Graun, in the UK the release of the game led to an increase in Xbox One sales by a huge 96%. But this is for the UK." - Yh according the mcvuk the PS4 also increased by 74% just for being in stock in the same time frame. Add increased 106% thanks to I:SS. But without the previous data for all the above cases the percentages a bit useless.

"Personally, I'd wager that the PS4 is still slightly head, but the Xbox One has narrowed the gap" - The PS4 is ahead by about 4m units when talking sold through numbers obviously that number will be closer to 3m thanks to TF.

The only way they are catching PS4 at this point is with a price drop, some major megatons and selling very well in China because Europe as a whole doesn't benefit them that much.

BG115791701d ago

"so slightly less (but interestingly, they say that Microsoft still ended up with more cash because of the higher price of their console)." - Not to say the forced drop price, promotions and games given to compete with the PS4. When the Bone is selling well, like in the UK, it's definitly not with a profit.

1701d ago
jaredhart1701d ago

I do think the Xbox One will have a big boost when it is released in China. It will be due to the fact that they will be there first and Chinese hate Japanese.

Don't hold this opinion against me as I own and am enjoying my PS4.