Gears of War Beta Forums Are Now Live

Gears of War Beta Forums have just launched.

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4logpc1041d ago

Really pumped to see what new things are coming to the gears series.

micx1041d ago

You'll probably get a glimpse of it during this E3. They'll show something.

Angainor71041d ago

maybe a target render. it's too early i think.

StrawberryDiesel4201041d ago

Always a lot of fun playing Gears of War, blew my mind in 2006. Gameplay still holds up with the best games of this generation in my opinion.

otherZinc1041d ago

Gears Of War:Next

Campaign Co-op
Horde Mode

Day 1!

nicksetzer11041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

Cannot wait for the games release, one of my favorite series

incredibleMULK1041d ago

It better be a reboot. Now that epic ain't involved it won't mesh properly.. SOCOM series is perfect example.

Hopefully black tusk goes with the locusts being the freakish lab experiment that part 2 eluded to instead of an ancient civilization running from emulsion part 3 went with.

Team_Litt1041d ago

How is Socom the perfect example? It was created and ruined by the same people.

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The story is too old to be commented.