Jurassic Park: Aftermath - New Screenshots & Video Will Blow You Away With Their Attention To Detail

Modder ‘conceptcrash’has released some new screenshots and two videos for his upcoming Jurassic Park project that is powered by Crytek’s CRYENGINE, Jurassic Park: Aftermath.

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Neonridr1469d ago

Good looking game. Can't wait to see what the dinosaurs look like.

john21468d ago

Doubt it will have any (though a collab with the team behind Project Crynosaurs would be kind of cool as they have dinos up and running). This will most probably be just a tech demo

randomass1711468d ago

I was kind of disappointed not to see dinos in this video. What kind of game is this going to be?

DialgaMarine1469d ago

A legit Jurassic Park game, like an open world survival horror type deal, would be pretty amazing. Just not a complete train wreck like Trespasser.

randomass1711468d ago

Or meaningless shovelware like some of the stuff we've gotten in the past decade.

IaussieGamer1468d ago

didn't blow my mind away at all. Looked very generic

Hellsvacancy1468d ago

"Will Blow You Away" i'm still here, it didn't move me at all, it looks like what it says on the tin *a mod*

Looked like a scene from Crysis with added Jurassic Park sound fx

Nothing to see here that will "Blow You Away"

randomass1711468d ago

This just looks like a tech demonstration. Admittedly it doesn't look huge, but if we see the actual game in motion with dinosaurs it will probably look a lot cooler.

Hellsvacancy1468d ago

I'm not denying the quality of the game dude, it's just that it could of been presented a bit better, a title without "Will Blow You Away" would help

1nsomniac1468d ago

Looked awesome graphics & sound-wise. I really, really want a next gen survival dinosaur game!

randomass1711468d ago

Yeah, me too. It's been far too long since the last Turok game and King Kong came out. And those were just okay action shooters.