Honorable Mention in Horror: Ecco the Dolphin

Rely on Horror; Z. Furniss writes: "A young boy sits on the floor, bathed in the the cobalt hues of the Cathode Ray Tube television. His parents have given him the okay to play with the Sega Genesis (he always asks for permission first), and now he’s choosing a game. Sonic the Hedgehog has been a constant in the last few months of his life, but he keeps dying in the Spring Yard Zone so he’s frustrated and wants to try something else. Sorting through the cartridges, both owned and borrowed, he happens upon one with a dolphin in mid-air, and decides this will be today’s adventure."

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finito821310d ago

haha oh man i love ecco.

Farsendor11310d ago

so this guy is afraid of water or just afraid of sharks or something im confused its a very intriguing article just not sure what the point is.

"He watches his father play, and that is enough for him to remember fear of depths, darkness, and drowning."

zackfurniss1307d ago

Nope, 'this guy' is just afraid of being underwater in games.

Real water? No big deal. I know, it's weird.

Allsystemgamer1310d ago

The fuck? Ecco is awesome but lol

memots1310d ago

watch it i lost a bubble for using the Fword and it wasn't even directed at anyone, Kinda like yours :)

Ocsta1310d ago

Ecco scarred me dude. Scarred me hard.

zackfurniss1307d ago

Yep! Scarred me so hard I had to write this article, haha.