Risen 3: Titan Lords Gets First Cinematic Teaser Trailer; to Be Released in August

Deep Silver just released the first teaser trailer of the upcoming third chapter of the Risen series, titled Risen 3: Titan Lords.

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Deividas1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

For the love of god they have better fixed the combat mechanics in this...
this series has so much potential but i can never get more than a 3rd of the way into it because the combat drives me nuts. FIX IT.

lilbroRx1377d ago

I actually like the combat just the same as I liked it in Gothic. Its unique and intuitive. Makes the game more interesting for me.

Combat is one of the things I love the most about Pihrana Bytes games.

There is nothing that needs to be fixed. Its is you who need to learn the system because I had no problems on any of their games except Gothic 3 which was known to have been forced out by the Publisher when it wasn't finished yet.

levian1377d ago

Did anybody actually play the second one? I always "download" a copy of a game before I buy it to see if I like it, but with Risen 2 I couldn't play more than 10 minutes, and promptly deleted it.

Does it ever pick up, or feel anything like the first?

Deividas1377d ago

Honestly it gets more tedious and the plot line gets a little dumb.

And im not sure what lilbroRx is talking about because the combat gets old very fast cause its generic and boring, its clumpy, and the animation is absolutely terrible for almost everything in that game and gets hard to bare.

Like I said, i cant ever get more than a third (maybe a little more) of the way through the game because everything feels too....stiff to me. Hopefully they fixed a lot in this one though

bienio1377d ago

Well to short but I'm curious.

Farsendor11377d ago

bought the other games on steam never really did play them. maybe i should give them a shot before thinking about buying the 3rd game.

Saryk1377d ago

Bought both of them, played the first one 5 minutes, thats been it!

levian1377d ago

The first one is totally worth it. I only found out about it doing some serious research into RPGs I hadn't played yet, and had never heard of. So glad I did play this game, it's a lot of fun! I'd suggest a mage playthrough... Of course that suggestion has nothing to do with the fact I always play a mage...

Saryk1376d ago

HAHA, I usually play the Cleric or healer type, maybe warrior, some times mage, rarely rogue. Cool though, I will try to play it again!

SaturdayNightBeaver1377d ago

How long has it been since we got a decent SP RPG game that doesn't really sux? Since Witcher 2? I don't really recall.

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