Remember Me Looks Gorgeous With SweetFX At 8888x5000

DSOGaming writes: "Remember Me is considered as one of the most underrated games of the last few years. Capcom’s third person action title – with a fighting style similar to the one found in Batman: Arkham series – did not meet critical acclaim, despite the fact that it was a pretty solid game. K-putt has managed to capture some gorgeous screenshots from this title with SweetFX at 8888×5000, so go ahead and take a look at the gallery below."

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Cindy-rella1495d ago

they need to bring this game to ps4 and xbox one

randomass1711495d ago

It would be pretty damn cool to see this game on those platforms at THESE settings.

frostypants1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

It would be pretty damn cool to see this game running at a viable fps on PCs at these settings. There's a reason that these are screenshots and not video.

On a related note, does ever do anything besides "look at these pretty screenshots at impractically high settings" articles?

MelvinTheGreat1494d ago

Lol, PCs will be able to push this by the end of the year. No doubt in my mind that the 800 series will be made with games like this in mind. Just look at the R9295x

Wigriff1494d ago

Melvin: It's highly doubtful that the 800 series is going to improve performance over the 700 line to the point where 8888×5000 is viable at playable frame rates. The most significant boost on the horizon is when Nvidia launches Pascal processor platform architecture in 2016.

A new numbered series normally only brings a marginal increase in performance over the past series, which is why the GTX770 is only slightly better than the GTX680, etc.

randomass1711494d ago

Guys, I know that only PC can technically do settings like this. All I'm saying is it would be really cool if the consoles did it too.

frostypants1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

"PCs will be able to push this by the end of the year"

High end gaming PCs today push 2,560 x 1,440 reliably...that's 3,686,400 pixels.

8888x5000 is 44,440,000 pixels. I.E., over 10x higher resolution.

You're nuts if you think PCs will be pushing this by the end of this year at any reasonable fps. Or the end of next year. Or the year after that.

Conzul1494d ago

The game looked good but I felt it lacked soul.

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ramiuk11494d ago

i thought it was too liniar and crap,got bored part way through it.
looked nice on pc though when i played it last year

RyanShutup1494d ago

Yeah I missed it when it came out, but then it was free on PS+ and it's one of Capcom's best games last gen. Feel like a jerk for not knowing about this game earlier...

randomass1711494d ago

New IPs do sometimes get shafted. Rather unfortunate. :(

RVanner_1494d ago

Just finished it! Loved this game.

Looked sweet at 1080p maxed out on PC. Supersampling just adds the final touch.

starchild1494d ago

Yeah, I run it at 2560 x 1440 resolution on my GTX 770 and downsample it on a 1080p display. It looks fantastic and it is a surprisingly good game.

specialguest1494d ago

what frame rate do you get on your gtx 770? I also have a gtx 770 and I'm undecided on upgrading to a 1440 monitor.

chinlu1494d ago

I have a GTX 770 also. We need to fill this place with 770 owners

mushroomwig1494d ago

People call this underated? I thought the reviews summed the game up perfectly.

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The story is too old to be commented.