Gamezone gives 9.4/10 to Age of Conan:Hyborian Adventures

Michael Lafferty reports:

''Every once in a while a game comes along that is bold enough to break the mold of the genre to which it is cast. The game takes some fresh approaches and gives players pause to re-think previous perceptions.

Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures, from Funcom, is one of those titles. This massively multiplayer online subscription-based title does some amazing things in terms of combat, rethinks character classes, incorporates a strong story, dazzles visually and is a whole lot of fun to play as well.

In order to do justice to this title, GameZone will be running the review of the game in several parts, breaking it into the major areas of the game. This first review will target the first 20 levels of the game, which amounts to an introduction to the combat system, character classes and general game flow. The next review, which will be down the road a bit (after the next phase has been explored more thoroughly), will take on the next 20 levels of gameplay, and so on. These reviews are at milestone areas in the game. At level 20 the guild experience kicks in. At level 40, crafting comes into play. The game does have a level cap of 80.

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pwnmaster30003857d ago

yes my game of the year for 360 lives up, well im buying

Harry1903857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

to have garnered very good press reviews.
WOW beater?Tough,but maybe.....nah....very very tough,but you never know,
seeing the record sign ups the game had.

Anyways,should be getting it,because it's a good game.

And if ever POG is lurking around,please don't say anything about me being a PS3 fanboy submitting 360 news,That is ridiculous.

pwnmaster30003857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

i think it is a WoW beater for me because i was never intrested in WoW and WoW still looks gay to me, but this looks hella cool and more thing to do.

wen is this comming out dude

power of Green 3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I don't understand your comment?, you lurking around waiting for me to respond to you comments(more than once) due to you calling me out because I mentioned you have had an anti MSFT posting history doesn't make any sense. Throwing a few bones every once in a while doesn't really negate your over whelming Pro PS3 and anti MSFT posting habbits of the past months.

You claim the notion's ridiculous yet all you have to have is a good memory all you have to do is check your post history. lol

No big deal you post Pro Sony and when people start to ignor your posts you find a couple of positive 360 posts you're not tricking folks thats the oldest trick in the book. Some of the great ones did that like: Deep Brown, Drty Souf, Meus Renaissance etc. Let it go I called you on that days ago lol.

I'm not even sure how you posting a review of a PC title(version) even justifies you calling me out.

Harry1903857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I knew it,I knew you would answer.
Go ahead,look in my posting history,search all you want,I don't have anti-MFSt or anything you'd like to call it articles.I mostly post Wii and DS reviews if you look closely.
And,yeah,maybe i'll come back with my other know...Breakfast and others to give you disagrees.But frankly,I don't know how it came to you that i was posting negative 360 news.

Links please,valid ones.

Also,if you are referring to Vista and other OS news,I do it because I compete for the top contributor awards and I must use everything I find.

But negative 360 news...nah.
Pro-Ps3 news?Can't find.

What you are saying is as good as saying the actual top contributor for this month is a hardcore 360 fanboy,which is not true.

power of Green 3857d ago

I'm not even sure how you posting a review of a PC title(version) even justifies you calling me out.

Let it go I didn't mean to hurt your feeling I was pointing out your posting habbits(days or even weeks ago lol). Let it go!.

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1stKnighT3857d ago

Looks like this is a must buy for 360/PC owners.

2cents3857d ago

Been lookin forward to this.
The last conan on 360 was ok, but I expect much better things (titties,*jokes*) from this lol

Greysturm3857d ago

But the requirememts mean ill wait for the console version as long as they dont dumb it down.

canadianpatriot3857d ago

That was kind of unexpected

Brian52473857d ago

By starting off the review with this tired phrase, I've already lost all interest in what he had to say.

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