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Should 'The Last of Us' Be Turned Into a Movie?

Karl Dodds of SpawnFirst deliberates on whether or not The Last of Us should be adapted into a feature film. (Culture, Industry, The Last Of Us)

iamnsuperman  +   475d ago
The biggest issue is time. I think a game like The Last of Us needs to be a mini series like the BBC does (3 part series). A normal series is just way to long and a film is way to short. But a one off mini series would be perfect. I am not sure if it is a popular thing in the US but they work very well here in the UK
BuddyAcker  +   475d ago
We have had several mini series-type shows in the US, but nothing as great as Sherlock or one of the other UK mini series. Not even close.
RyuStrife  +   475d ago
It already is being adapted into a film. The question is "Will it work? '
chrissx  +   475d ago
Goodluck to them, I'm not interested in a tlou movie
NazKidA  +   475d ago
Something tells me, this movie isn't going through. The last of Us is my favourite game of all time, but I don't know how I feel about this being adapted into a movie. These movie studios always have a way of butchering things. So ya, I guess i'm pretty hesitant on the whole idea. If it was a mini series on HBO or something along those lines, then I would be pretty fuckin pumped. That's really the only way I see it actually working.
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Skate-AK  +   474d ago
It would make a better series than movie.

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