Gears of War Forum Coming, Good Community Helps Black Tusk Make Better Games, Listening to Feedback

There are some good news for Gears of War fans. After recent news of Microsoft buying Gears of War IP and handing it over to Black Tusk, it’s been confirmed that launch of Gears of War Community Forum is coming this week.

Worker at Black Tusk confirmed they're listening to feedback about Gears of War: Judgement and he said positive and constructive community helps Black Tusk make better games.

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Lawboy21223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Wow thanks guys...this is good news...I REMEBER researching gears before it was even annouced to be coming to xbox one...this will help make the experience so much better...

I think they should take a page from gears 2
More wall bouncing maps (like blood drive)
Smaller maps (like checkout from gears 3)
I know ppl will disagree but bring back two piecing
I like the original ranking system better than number based (made it feel like u achieved something)
Emphasis on private lobbies for clans (and 1 v 1 for the ppl who think they are bad a**es)
More clan support
Get rid of the sawed off shotgun (and maybe even the retro lancer)
Keep sniping the same (u actually need skill to snipe in gears)
Get rid of casual matches....I hate gears of war bots

I really can't wait to get into some gears of war MP....I love halo/COD/titanfall but nothing compares to gears of war MP

@ mic x

I don't think it will be cancelled...just may take more time....if gears off war is great then ppl will jump on the black tusk bandwagon and expect great things from the developer

micx1223d ago

I think Gears of War is in good hands now, this E3 will be interesting. I expect to see something from Black Tusk.

I just hope their other IP isn't canceled.

kaiserfranz1223d ago

You mean the short demo they showed at E3 last year? That was just a tech demo apparently. I doubt they'll ever make a game out of it.

micx1223d ago

Yeah, I thought about that.

shivvy241223d ago

so what were these guys working on between e3 till the buyout of gears

randomass1711223d ago

It will all be fine, I think. Gears of War is still pretty popular and a next generation one will probably get a lot of attention.

GameNameFame1223d ago

Literally all the games this studios has worked on has been cancled till date.

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Kayant1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Mostly agree with this expect a few things...

If two piecing is along the same lines as in Judgement than that's fine as it wasn't OP and was something that acted like a last defense like it should. Gears 2's was just annoying and unskillful the majority of times.

Sawed off is fine IMO as long as it acts like the one in Judgement again because of the revamped damage/range system it went from OP in Gears 3 to ok.

Yh retro lancer should go and never see the light of day again. Man I hate that gun.

Edit -

Yh everything rifle in Gears 3 is OP in some way.

Oh yh just remembered a big reason weapons are more balanced in Judgement is because of the removal of stopping power. That would be great if that's not in the next gears also.

Lawboy21223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I to hate retro lancer...I hate original lancer in clan matches...because that's all we used

@ kaiser

They will do sequels and DLC...but they are a large studio..they will make more iIPs trust

kaiserfranz1223d ago

Well, there's also the option that if Gears of War is great, Microsoft will ask them to make more Gears of War (DLC, sequels)... ;)

GarrusVakarian1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

"I hate gears of war bots "

Oh man, me too. They were so bad that me and my friends would just laugh at them due to how bad they were.

Here's hoping it will be as good as the first 3 games were. They have big shoes to fill! Gears 3 easily has one of my favourite MP's of last gen. I didn't use the Gears forums much, but my friend did and he said the community was great, so this is good news.

Lawboy21223d ago (Edited 1223d ago ) u have to join the forums....all true gears fans...and I'm talking fans from gears of war 1 through judgment need to take to the forums to make sure the next gears installment is the best we have ever seen...gears 2 is my favorite but I enjoyed 3 and judgment to a certain extent

Here's to us playing gears in the future

@ scare factor below

Ahhhh...I wasted my bubbles got to excited...would have loved to comment on your post...exactly what I'm thinking...gears of war casual matches all ranked

I disagree though....king of the hill...was one of the best game modes there was...especially with a team....I forgot I love that game mode....I think the clan wars idea ghost had would be epic in gears...making ppl play all the modes would be so good....clans getting special characters would be awesome

Alexious1223d ago

I agree, it definitely won't be that easy for a new studio to pickup such a huge franchise. I've heard good things about them, though.

Metallox1223d ago

Anything different from Judgment will be better.

Gotcha51223d ago


If they take any thing from Gears Judgment, should be Over Run it was the best mode in Judgment.

kaiserfranz1223d ago

I'm sure they're aiming far higher than that.

Mikefizzled1223d ago

@Kaiserfranz it was leaked by Ntkrnl, whose original info has so far proved all true, that there was a full game called Shangheist which name is kind of self explanatory.

kewlkat0071223d ago

Black Tusk, get to work with that DX12 and make that Gears of War game shine..

I'm waiting..

andrewsqual1223d ago

All I remember was everybody hyping up this stunning new IP from Black Tusk that would shut everybody up dissing Xbone. Then they cease production to play it safe with yet another Gears game that nobody asked for.
But yeah totally listening to the fans there.

HacSawJimThugin1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I'm agree with you on just about everything. Gears is by far my favorite shooter. No other shooter compares to me. Everyone may not share my views but that is their right.

Welcome back King, you court has missed you dearly.

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Festano1223d ago

I hope you do see something at E3.

Kayant1223d ago

A trailer like Battlefront 3, Halo 5, etc sure. They only just got the license a couple of months ago so it's unlikely they will be showing any footage anytime soon.

AutoCad1223d ago

Gears of fucking Wars..
cant wait.

ScareFactor1223d ago

Things I want:
1. Amazing diverse maps (Gears always had these so I am not worried)
2. Gears 3 sniping
3. Gears 3 movement
4. No cheap Power weapons (Make the boomshot how it was in Gears of War 1)
5. Gears 3 smoke grenades
6. No leveling system or make it better some how(Make you unlock characters through challenges, horde, or by playing the story)
7. DEDICATED SERVERS (Cloud, Azure, whatever you have to do make it F*****g happen)
8. Amazing story
9. Harder and more innovative horde mode
10. Fix Trading off with shotgun
11. Fix sticky walls
12. Keep the mantle kick
13. Bring back the original game modes (Execution, Annex (King of the Hill), Warzone, Assassination (Guardian)
14. Host Migration
15. Nerf grenades a bit

Things I don't want:
1. Retro or Sawed off or anytime of broken starting weapons if they make new ones
2. No reticule when not aiming in like Judgement\
3. No bots
4. No quick match only Ranked, Public, and private (Gears 1 style)
5. More balance (gears 3 was decently balanced but could use some improvements)
6. Don't make it appeal to people who only like FPS make it the gears of old
7. No BS game modes (Team Deathmatch, Free for all, Domination, etc..)
8. Take nothing from Judgement

Suggestion for the story:

Make it maybe 30 years after Gears 3. Delta Squad run the CoG with Marcus at the head. Make another enemy emerge or make the locust make a comeback with help of another enemy. Make a new Squad and you come across Delta Squad in the story and get overrun or something and you switch to Delta Squad for a part of the story (well and older version of Delta Squad). Make the Queen comeback or a higher up leader that we never saw before (Maybe Raam wasn't the main leader).

I don't think the should do a Prequel unless they do Dom and Marcus when they just started in the military and lead up Gears 1 or do before E day or something to that effect. There is a lot to build upon in the story.
Let me know what you guys think below

micx1223d ago

I don't think they'll go the prequel route, especially after Judgement.

chris_x2k31223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I can't agree with you on Team Deathmatch. That is definitely my favorite game mode. They need to get rid of center screen aiming and make sure that bullets come out of the barrel. They need to make sure that it's not human on human in the versus mode. They need to improve and focus upon Horde mode. The maps need to be symmetrical. The power weapons have to be fought for and in Judgement it's available without any type of struggle. It better not be a prequel. The maps cannot focus or be based around free for all modes. Free for all should probably be done away with. Overrun took away too many resources from the other game modes. Offer it as DLC or don't offer it at all. Executions needs to be available in all game modes. frags need to be pick ups. I wouldn't mind the grenade plant returning. It was a very tactical way off outsmarting a better player. do away with all of this silly circus clown skins and offer us some real customization options on the characters. The campaign needs to forget about the whole star rating system. It broke immersion. The campaign needs to have deeper characters a better story. They need support the game for more than 4 months. They need to show some enthusiasm for supporting the game and I hope that black tusk will be able to provide that. The most important thing they need to do is listen to the community while this game is in development. For the most part Gears players know how to make a Gears game. We just don't know how to develop it.

chris_x2k31223d ago


I like the mantle kick in theory. Fix it, or get rid of it guys. Sawed Off is kinda cheap. Think about just doing away with it. Don't you dare get rid of wall-bouncing for the sake of "accessibility"...I think that YOU SHOULD BRING BACK THE ACTIVE RELOAD DAMAGE. Make sure that TDM uses a pool of lives, instead of a rush to score. This allows for clutches (Epic, you were fools in your Judgment TDM implementation).

Iamnemesis48801223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Most of it is great but i love the retro lancer.

Now what should happen is either Gears of war the pendulum wars were you have Marcus and Dom or were it starts a year after Gears 3 were Delta gets a massege from Dom he has escaped just long enough to tell that the Locus have survived and are with a new enemy. The game starts were delta goes after Dom the find him it is then up to them to kick some ass.

brich2331222d ago

Team death match was good in gears 3 but garbage in judgment.

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cyhm31121223d ago

Gears of War is a mediocre franchise, Killzone beats it by far. And I have played both.

chris_x2k31223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Absolutely one of the dumbest comments I've seen on this site by far..... And, you're not even trolling are you?

xX1NORM1Xx1223d ago

I disagreed as you are just trying to start fights