The 10 Best Co-op Games We've Ever Played

Paste Magazine's game writers work together to list the best co-op games they've ever played.

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Lord_Sloth1501d ago

Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Online

BlackTar1871501d ago

lol Can;t forget Buster Bros either.

rakentaja1501d ago

Never played the 2 but yes..countless hours that I put to Left 4 Dead..If you not played missed one the best coop game ever created. Best memories.

Allsystemgamer1501d ago

Left 4 dead. Expert. Beer. Shots. Vs mode. Get kick for being a douche. Good times.

randomass1711501d ago

Classic No Mercy with seven friends is glorious fun. :D

NegativeCreepWA1501d ago

I would put halo cambat evolved on there.

Allsystemgamer1501d ago

I replayed that countlessly with my buddies who didn't have an xbox back in the day. I miss those days. Warthog jump on silent cartographer!

BlackTar1871501d ago

Halo Co-Op was so fricken awesome.

Shotgunning the flood.

N81501d ago

I'm not much of a halo fan but that is one of the fond memories I do have. I could play that over and over again with a friend

randomass1711501d ago

Any Halo game would work.

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The story is too old to be commented.