Missing the Boat – 5 Video Games Where You Really Needed to Be There

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "As I await the imminent release of Dark Souls II on PC, as well as the (likely?) release of Grand Theft Auto V there as well, I’m not terribly concerned by the delay because I’m confident the experiences will be every bit as memorable as they would have been at release. For some others however, I can’t help but feel that the ship has sailed on having that special gaming experience."

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finito821410d ago

not sure about that list...especially with LOL, starcraft, which are all extemely popular games on twitch t play and stream.

i do thing counterstrike has some life tho

Relientk771410d ago

Perfect Dark is still awesome

Skate-AK1410d ago

Portal 2 is so much fun.

randomass1711410d ago

People missed these gems? Poor souls. :(