GamesBeat: Trials Fusion is a beautiful poem of physics and motion (review)

If you’re unsure if you’re ready for more Trials — but you loved the previous games — you’ll find plenty to love here. Just make sure to hold a conclave with your friends to agree on a platform. Once you do, you’ll easily squeeze the maximum amount of joy out of Fusion.

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ColManischewitz1525d ago

I've never tried Trials before, but this may get me to get it on PS4.

NagaSotuva1525d ago

The futuristic setting turns me off, but that 90 score can't be ignored.

Keenoh1525d ago

A friend of mine said the same thing though I feel that it's good to have a change now and again, during pax I saw a few community made tracks with less of a futuristic feel to them with some awesome mechanics (if you hit a certain amount of tricks before the next checkpoint it would give you a boost to carry on the momentum). My ps4 copy is waiting at home for me :D

Sadie21001525d ago

But what if I don't like poetry?

Dlacy13g1525d ago

Trials is great but it does get a rather large black eye for the decision to only offer couch multiplayer and eliminate online multiplayer which was a rather good feature last game.

Keenoh1525d ago

Yeah I'm not happy that there isn't any current online feature but they've said that the team mode will be the replacement for it...the only issue is that's not available during launch but will be part of a free update within the next couple of months.

Dlacy13g1525d ago

Yeah but once again I get the sense we have games being launched half baked. "Don't worry that feature you think is really important is going to be in the game... months later when your interest/excitement for our game is significantly reduced but give us money now"

Clown_Syndr0me1525d ago

Never played a Trials, always thought they looked boring. But Im going to rent this on X1 or PS4 and give it a go! Looks pretty atleast!

Dlacy13g1525d ago

its fun and fast game play that can become addictive given its instant quick restart to get it right game play mechanic.

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