The 10 Sexiest Video Games Ever

Unigamesity writes: "Our personal belief here at Unigamesity is that there are not enough games for adults out there and it appears that not even the new generation of consoles will address the issue. Therefore, we have to take advantage of what we already have and keep on playing the few really sexy video games that have been launched until today. And even though developers were a bit more daring in the 90s, the poor graphics of the time don’t make us sweat anymore. So we’ve decided to create a list of the 10 sexiest video games ever featuring some of the more recent titles and only the old ones that matter."

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Army_of_Darkness1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

I would have placed Rumble roses in that list. That game was like watching porno stars wrestling :-D

azure19901431d ago

I had to mute that video and he bombarded his video with links

Wni01431d ago

I see Bloodrayne 2 on here where again