Media Create software sales (4/7 - 4/13)

Media Create published the latest Japanese game software sales from Japan.

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Neonridr836d ago

not a single PS4 title in the top 20...

Geobros836d ago

I would add that only one next gen home console in top 20....Just Dance Wii U.

randomass171836d ago

Just Dance? I didn't even know they were still making those. :/

Kiwi66835d ago

don't get why people would disagree with your comment as there isn't a single ps4 game in top 20 i guess they didn't read the article or they don't like the truth

Neonridr835d ago

they don't like that I was pointing out something bad about the PS4. They think I'm a fanboy even though I own a PS4.

hulk_bash1987836d ago

PS4 lacking any proper JRPGs is what's stunting sales in Japan. I bet we'll see a bump as soon as they get one out of the gate. Though I am kind of surprised Yakuza Ishin hasn't done better.

Neonridr836d ago

well it did okay at launch, but sales for the PS4 haven't exactly been stellar, so everyone who wanted that game has gotten it.

randomass171836d ago

Don't forget the tax hike. That jacked up the gaming prices as a whole, so less people are buying video games (or anything) right now in Japan.

AceBlazer13836d ago

whoa Titanfall made it. I forgot Japan had Xbox consoles.

randomass171836d ago

Japan loves mechs. Don't forget that. ;)

izumo_lee836d ago

They love Japanese mechs cause Super Robot Wars is on top of the charts while Titanfall barely made a dent.

I remember people saying that the Japanese will go crazy for Titanfall cause it has mechs, well not as crazy as people believed now.

randomass171836d ago

To be fair Titanfall is also on 360. Making a dent in Japan on 360 is better than nothing at all.

Skate-AK834d ago

I'm am sure Japan loves Just Dance.